26 May 2009

Bling Bling Brown a330 with matching accessories

A Bling Bling Brown (Copper topped) DSLR from Sony?

Yea ... no need to rub your eyes ... you are not seeing things lol! This is indeed a bling bling brown colored or more well known as the copper topped Sony DSLR A330 which is due to hit the Malaysia market (soon?).

It also comes with color matched accessories! In the photo above you can see the brown grip strap matching the bling bling brown a330.

and more color matched accessories for those who would like a little colors on their DSLRs

At a glance, its actually a mixture of response from flers photographers with some saying colored DSLR is not favourable while some other will say they got bored with black and wanted something different for a change.

Someone were also suggesting that Sony is actually adapting their Cybershots marketing strategies into Alphas and hense the bing bling colored cams with matching accessories.

Another press release from UK actually mentioned that these new models is actually targetted at the female users instead. So thats probably explains the new colors and accessories, perhaps also black is too macho, metrosexual males also prefer more vibrants colored dslrs as well?

I m probably the type that would never use a bling bling colored DSLR. LOL!

Will this works (as in the ability to capture the mass market) or will this shy away serious photographers in the future? I think thats not for me and you to decide. Lets wait and see!

p.s. : i thot girls are more comfy with pink? but brown?!

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  1. Why so Ah Beng one? Camera should remain as 'black' which look more like a camera.

  2. If they put pink, they are really pushing their luck. No guys would use a pink dSLR.

    Brown is good because guys might like it whereas generally no guys will like pink.

    Anyway, the coloured dSLR is actually a pretty good idea. At one point, I was thinking of air brushing my dSLR with flame (something like Optimus Prime's). Haha!

    Black is nice, but when every other dSLR is black, colours are good.

  3. I want pink! I want pink! I want pink! I want pink! I want pink!

  4. oh, brown dslr... that's refreshing... but i think pink dslr would be totally cool loh, cuz nobody would own it


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