20 May 2009

What is Cibai?

Anoder Ahbeng words made it to the DICKtionary!!! This time the hero is CIBAI. Yea ... to many ahbengs the word cibai seems to trigger good and bad memories especially if the words is use to send regards to their maders .... but little do they know that angmoh in AMADIKA also think the word Cibai is trendy!!!

The first to find use of this wonderfool wonderfool word is people from Microsoft themself. They actually found good use of the word cibai and the next we know Cibai is the new trend in AMADIKA!!! instead of saying "Cool" they will say "Cibaiiiiiiii!!!!" kakakakaka!!!

Dunch briff me? check it our yourself la!!!

SEE?!! GOT SEE ANOT?!!! Still not convinced?!

Full text excerpt as follows :

Cibai: An abstract interpretation-based static analyzer for modular analysis and verification of Java classes

Francesco Logozzo
January 2007

We introduce Cibai a generic static analyzer based on abstract interpretation for the modular analysis and verification of Java classes. We present the abstract semantics and the underlying abstract domain, a combination of an aliasing analysis and octagons.

We discuss some implementation issues, and we compare Cibai with similar tools, showing how Cibai achieves a higher level of automation and precision while having comparable performances.

Still dont briff?!! ok fine! I show u full page screenshot!

Briff me yet?!!! WHAT?!! NO??!!! Niahma just bcoz ppl hing Ahbeng u dun jeles can?!!! Ok ok i even give u the LINK la!!! If u still dunch briff then CIBAI-LU LA!!!

Tenkiu Darling ahuei for this piece of caibaily fantastic news! Now who say cibai is a bad word ledi? WHO!??!!!


  1. XD muah ha ha ha ha ha.

    I wonder what the meaning of
    "LANCIAU" in microsoft?
    maybe :
    a temporali transfer data until it
    approve by based.

    LOLz XD


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