26 May 2009

My Honda Wegro Sdn Bhd Service Center Experience

I changed my Little Honda city car battery yesday and today i bring my car back for ECU calibration, since i staying at cheras area ... the nearest Honda authorised service center would be the Wegro Sdn Bhd located at Jln. Cheras (opposite Tmn. Midah) at the same time i also asked them to check the aircond system and see whats wrong with it because this few days I noticed got knocking sound when i turn on my air condition but otherwise the aircond is working fine and its bloody cold too. I have to reduce the temperature to half this morning in order to avoid kena pnemonia while driving to the workshop.

Honda Wegro Sdn Bhd at Lot 4523(D), Batu 4 ½, Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

I wakeup early in the morning hoping to be the first few who send their car for repair and get the hell outta the workshop ASAP and goto work la.

No. 003

8:45 am

I got no. 003 and the time stated there is 9:18am which is wrong because rite after i settle everything i took a photo of the clock on the wall which is showing 8:45am.

I told the service advisor at counter #2 (Mr. Hon Cheon Kit) about the knocking sound when i turn on the aircondition and he told me that this is caused by the compressor belt, he recomend me to change the compressor belt and the sound would go away. I agreed to let him change the compressor belt.

the bill came up to RM 194.50

2 hours after that I was told that my car is ready for collection .... I paid the bill and with the paid bill i collected my car keys. I walked to my car .. get in and start the engine, turn on the aircond and to my suprised THERE IS NO AIRCOND!!! WTF!!! change compressor belt can magically make my aircond dissapeared one?!!!

Luckily I havent drove out to the main road yet, so i turned back and spoke to Mr. Mr. Hon Cheon Kit about this. He then opened up the engine compartment and try to diagnose the problem and I went back to the waiting area and keep waiting. Half an hour later he came back to me telling me that now I need to fork out additional RM617.00 to replace the compressor and another RM170 for the labour charges on top of the RM194.50 that I paid a moment ago!!

I was dumbfarked for a moment .... when i sent my car this morning the aircond is still working fine despite of the knocking noise, they diagnosed the problem and told me its the compressor belt which i agreed to change and they hand me back my car with NO AIRCOND! AND now ...

  1. They asking me to pay an additional sum of RM787 to fix a problem that wasnt there this morning?!!! So now its NOT the compressor belt problem? Then you recommend me to change the compressor belt for what?!!
  2. Why you hand me back my car without air condtion? Did you even checked the air condition system whether its working or not after you changed the compressor belt? Why isnt my air condition working anymore?
  3. What you done to my car? Change compressor belt can spoil the Aircond one? Who spoilt it? It coudlnt be me coz i never touched anything!!!
  4. What kinda service center is this?! You think their technicians there know WTF they is doing? I doubt so .... they handed me back my car without aircond and charge me for it!!!
  5. Why simply recomend customers to change parts that would not solve the problem? Do we looks like waterfish to you?!! DO WE??!!!
Thats not all!!! I refused to let them make more damages to my car so i told them no, i would not like to pay to you an additional sum of RM787 to fix a problem that is not there is the first place and i took off, as soon as i entered the main road i noticed the knocking sound has been replaced by a very LOUD SQUEAKING sound!!!! I SQUEAKED all the way from Cheras to Kajang!!!

So ... I paid RM194.50 to calibrate my car and to fix the knocking sound but i ended up with NO AIRCOND and a squeaking car! Hows that for an authorised Honda service center?!!!

I stopped my car half way and gave them a call and asked them what they did to my car? why is it squeaking now? They just asked me to send the car back to them again!!! WTF?? send to you again?!!! NO WAY!!! This time you might tell me that it will cost me RM2,999.00 to fix all the shit that wasnt there in the first place!!!

I sent my car to another workshop near my office and according to the technician, those Wegro techinician farked up my compressor's pulley by fixing the belt TOO TIGHT!!!

I ended up being RM655.00 POORER!!! for something that wasnt spoilt by me!!! Way to go Wegro Sdn Bhd!!!

So if you or your wife or your frends or your relatives or your colleague owns a Honda ... please tell them of this experience of mine!!!! Dont kena fark for something you did not do!

Now ... anyone can tell me .. this kinda thing can complaint to which gomen department? Ministry of internal trade can ar? Got contact number anot ar? I want kompren them kaw kaw ahh!!!! MCH!!!


  1. get ur technician to write a report on it and then lodge a report with the consumer tribunal.

    get the money back from them and fark them kau kau. spoil car still want customer to pay is just plain farked up. they think they are mechanics means can control the situation? grr... thank God the honda service centre in PJ is quite ok.

  2. and thats why i never send my honda civic to a honda servicing centre. dah la mahal

  3. so this is what u get lah? they fuck 9 up ur car n make u pay more..this is the much bragged "We use genuine parts unlike workshops out there" BULL SHIT!

    genuine lah..then spoil other things n blame the customer n make ur customer pay. EAT SHIT LAH!

    NO QA..no integrity..honda service? PTUI!

  4. i help u tell ALL my friends about this!

  5. Wow that's pretty bad man.

    Never really expected them to do such things.

    Well honestly the things I've heard about authorised Honda service centres aren't that good nowadays. Which is why I send my little City to my standard mechanic lah.

  6. weiyo.... so terible wan. How can they simply potong ppl like that. Samo spoil yr car and ask u to pay for it. Crazy!

  7. WingZ

    If your car still under warranty then it make sense to send your car back to Honda service center. Else forget sending your car there. Those service center is darn good in "slaughter" people wan.

    I owned a toyota. After sending my car to UMW service center in PJ Sec 14 for 2x mandatory service. I never send anymore. Few things:

    1. Long waiting time
    2. Expensive

    Get a good mechanic outside which can service your car. Cheaper dude.

  8. i also drive honda city but so far my service center at old klang road peringgit motors is quite ok.

    but the thing is, i got one prob which they can't fix, when i drive reach 150kmh, my driver side got a loud woooo sound like deep whistle sound. and they say they can't fix for me. :( i also dono how.

  9. Burswood Honda sucks big time too!

    I had a bad experience with them. I bought a brand new Civic 2 years ago. The break shaft broke after 1-2 months!! 30k you are talking

    Anyone could expect them to swap me a brand new car, and they did not!

    Plus, I needed my car to drive my parents around. They didn't even offer me a rental. After sometimes later, one of the saleman told me, I could. Only given an old old toyota after I asked them.
    Plus!!! I not yet finished!
    They took 6 months to pay me the rental money.

    I swear to Buddha! Never ever I will buy a Honda in my life anymore!!

    tns them!

  10. Lotsa Honda SC are freaking lousy. U can try the 1 in USJ,the 1 behind Jaya 33 & the 1 at jln 222. Their service quite good.

  11. hahaha, time to get a proton. :)

  12. aiyo, why every mechanics seems not professional one?? are they trying to rake in profit by reaping money from you????

    hopefully this would be the last time your car is giving you problems... if not your bank account would cry..

  13. chialat la like that
    i think now think more to buy honda....

  14. Wah liao. Liddat also can. Report them to the consumer tribunal as suggested by Mike.

  15. No reason to go back authorized service center after the warranty or doesn't involve important engine parts (gear box/engine/electronics).

    Anyway, complain and write to Honda Malaysia.

  16. I'm sorry to hear that.

    My Cousin bro working in 1 of the Honda Service Center but I forgot which center. I could only remember that there got 1 big Old Town White Coffee outlet in front of the service center one.

    He told me that his company is forced to take a bunch of useless/not-so-ready trainees to have training there every year. We all knowlah, our smartass gaverman is very good in "utilizing" their power one.

    He said client's car got scracthes is a normal thing there after service and a lot of other things la happening.

    Like most of the people here said, get a standard mechanics that you can trust is better.

    "Honda - The power of dreams" Dream kena farked 99........lol

  17. walaueh. got such thing wan ar? u din tiu kau them meh? by right they should be covering the cost and not you.. i agree to mikeyip comment. lodge a report against them.

  18. Honestly, i have sent my car to fix engine knocking sound @ same center for bloody 6-7 times (I could not recall) and they still cant rectify it.

    It's a bloody brand new car i bought from them. The problem was there on the first day i received my car.

    With your exp, i should opt to change another center then.

  19. sorry to hear concern.
    I also experience bad service at kah motor jalan chan sow lin for my FD last 2 week.
    Kena screw up by the SA.that time really angry nearly lose control.want bang him with my FD.
    but finally solve the issue at outside workshop.i hope HM will look into this matter seriously.
    suck service.

  20. those who says honda sucks etc after this incident pls mind tht this is done by the SC under the company Wegro Sdn Bhd,so it doesn't speak for all honda SC in Msia.

  21. I am from Delhi. I have been using a Honda Activa Insured with ICICI Lombard. I had purchased this in January 2012. And its good experience to have it. It has both options like Kick start & Self start. 2 Months ago, I met with an accident, after which my scooter got damaged badly and turned into a total scrap. I thought to claim for insurance from ICICI. I was thinking it would be an easy task to avail the claim but I was totally wrong because their commitments pushed me to file a complaint against them in Consumer Court. Because when I claimed for my Insurance amount they were just committing me wrong every time. When I called to Bank Customer Care they also made me wrong commitment. One of the person was saying that the cheque is dispatched at your residence and one of them was saying that the cash has been transferred to your account but everything was worthless. I was just fed up with their commitment. So I had to go to consumer court. Let’s hope for some help from their side soon.


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