5 May 2009

Moon Snapper

Who are you thinking about when you look at the moon?

300mm | f13 | 1/30s | iso100 | 100% cropped
(click to enlarge)

Taken with Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro on Sony Alpha 200 handheld.


  1. Got use tele converter mou? Looks like little bit shaky or the lens not sharp enough?

  2. dale : phuiyo emo boi turn poet sial!

    kenny : bro this lens is very sharp considering the price i paid for it! one same length nikkor lens can buy 10 of this! How to compare? Its the same when u compare Proton and ferrari lol!

  3. wah.. keep on upgrading.. time to call you sifu liao!

  4. buttercup : sifu? sifu is u la!!

    Pisang : i m sure you got your points geh :)


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