28 May 2009

Ahbeng New Lorry

Was talking to Buttercup (yea same name with the fictional powderpuff girl character but the thing is this buttercup is a male n hes made in msia! I think the proper name for him is currypuff boi lol!) in msn messenger about his possible transfer to Chungcock branch to work long long. Then we started toking kok and derno how suddenly toking about if he working for nike he can get USD25k per month ... this is the rest of the conver :

Buttercup : me go work for China Nike will get 25k usd also la!
Me : kaka ur face nike see also pukes la
Buttercup : me not spokeperson ma not manyjer
Me : Yala! if nike hire u means their equipment beh power la.
Buttercup : Why?
Me : Bcoz use ledi will bekam feijai like u kakakaka!!!
Buttercup : KAKAKAKAKAKA then i bekam the spokeperson for KIA la!
Me : KIA? Why KIA?
Buttercup : KIA? lol! cos KIA got sell Lorry ma.. if their lorry can carry me then that means good Lorry la!
Me : KAKAKAKAKA then KIA kena rebrand and change the name of their lorry ledi wor ....
Buttercup : Change to what?
Me : Change to TUAHpui KIA!!!
Buttercup : WTF!! LOL!! KNN nice joke!

Have you ever see a lorry on our road by the name of TUAH? i wonder if KIA took over them ... will we get to see this TUAH pui KIA lorry in real life? LOL!


  1. wah!!!! LOL!!! OMG! should i use my name now or not? Muahahhaah!

    Maybe next time when KIA really come out with new lorry and named TUAH Pui KIA then we must ask for royalty d. mauahahahahah!

  2. haha?

    i don quite get it with ur english..


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