26 September 2007

Colorful Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival is actually a day for family to gather around and spend some quality time together. It doesnt matter is you are broke like me or you are rich like Billy Gatto its the warm feeling of being with your own family that counts.

Your mooncake might be more expensip than ours or you drink wine while eating your mooncake while we drink chinese tea only but for all I know ... I might be happier than you are haha!

Ok la ... i m a blardee poor man now so I sour grape abit can???

Anyway ... here is some photos taken by a poor man during his poorman Mooncake festival celebration.

This one we call Tik-Tik-Cum ... haha i derno why we call it lidat ... my mader teach wan

Cheap tanglung bcoz we kenot afford the expensip one, RM5 for 12 pcs oni!

Wuah!!! this pic artistic anot? Taken with my cheapo Nohkia N73 wan!

This pic got abit deepavali feel to it ... rite anot?

Pondan Pandan Mooncake (RM3 a piece)

Piggy mooncake (RM1 each)

Doraemon mooncake (RM1 each)

Nuts Mooncake (RM5 each)

Harro Kitty Mooncake (RM0.30 each)

Economy red bean mooncake (RM3.00 each)

Hows your mid autumn day? You think mooncake is on sale starting today? I think so!


  1. Wow...why are the mooncakes so cheap geh? You made your own?

  2. Wah Piggy mooncake only RM1.00! Cheap leh! Now got discount or not?? Have a nice day!

  3. waa.. cheap leh mooncake!! I want also.. here no mooncake leh... T_T!! miss mooncakes so much.. oh n those doraemon mooncakes are cool.. do they have any in panda shapes? Cheers

  4. Woi! The mooncake sure that cheap kah? You make urself one kot? Otherwise where got so cheap leh.

  5. wah liao...

    You sure those prices are today's prices or not??? The only time I saw piggy mooncake cost RM1 was when I was.... before millenium... :-P (yes, i that old liao)

    I like the simple mooncakes, not the fancy expensive ones. Kekeke. I spent my mid-autumn festival in toilet coz of taking too much chilli. Haiii...

  6. Nice ler you, get to celebrate moon cake. I tried to look for the moon in Auckland, but the moon played hide and seek with me wor. I oso wanna play lantern and eat mooncake and drink cina teh.

    I missed it! Dang!


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