28 September 2007

Why you no laugh?

One day, Ahbeng's boss kambek from lunch with client blardee happy and asked all the staffs to go in the confrence room to tell them a few jokes he picked up during his lunch.

Everyone in the room were luffing histerically but Ahbeng dint even giggled, seing this his manager asked him aloud.

Manager : Whats the matter Ahbeng? Why you not luffing wan?
Boss : Oh! Ahbeng tarak sense of humor la thats why!

Upon hearing this Ahbeng said ...

Ahbeng : I nonid to luff like you all becoz this Friday is my last day ledi!

How many of you guys terasa after reading this ar? LOL!


  1. tak dapat tangkap...

    cos.. ah beng not need to lick shoe issit ??

  2. Hahahahaha...gua paham gua paham...hahahahaha


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