6 September 2007

My Chipsters Encounter

A Frend of mine asked me to drop by this website www.chipster.com.my and take a look at the contest and without thinking I clicked on the link and I landed on this website :

After browsing around I know that it’s a new product by twisties called Chipster. I always been a fan of twisties especially the cheese flavoured one. And this time they are launching this Chipster potato chips and being a loyal twisties supporter I naturally wanted to try this new Chipster potato chip.

When I was on my back from work today I bought this!

Now, you might think that when you bought a pack of potato chips all you can do is to eat it right? WRONG!

You can actually do so much more with it! Like how? Erm … like ….

Camwhore with your chipster potato chip of coz!

and I bet you don’t know that a pack of chipster is even good as ……


You wanna know what else you can do with a pack of Chipster potato chips? Haha you in luck! Today I m gonna tell you this big secret!

You goto this website http://www.chipster.com.my and click on the Chipster ‘nothing else matters’ contest

Then you register yourself and start camwhoring with your packet of Chipster! Upload your photo with the built in uploader, edit it with the built in editor also. Add funny icons and speech bubble to your photo and submit!

If you are a blogger its even better! You can blog about it and ask your reader to vote for you and win cool prizes! There is macbook and Nokia N95 and Ipod up for grab! How chun is that man?!

In case you wondering … yea I alredi uploaded my contest entry picture! With cool prizes lidat who wanna be left out rite?

This is my entry photo :

Pulez vote for me!!! I want that Macbook pulezzzzz!!!!

*This post in pahwered by Chipsters and Nuffnang

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  1. i saw that when i login there the other day.........


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