27 September 2007

Comparing Driving Licenses from Various Countries

A group of international exchange student were comparing their driving license from various countries and this is the conversation ....

John : I m from Amadika and this is how my driving license looks like

Jane : I m from phillipine and this is how our driving license looks like

Porntiap : I am from Thailand and this is my driving license

Bean : I m from UK and this is how our driving license looks like

Xiao Yang : I m from China and this is our driving license

Fatima : I am from Iraq and I want to tell you all something before I show you my driving license.

Bean : What izzit Fatima?

Fatima : well .. i wanna let you all know that in Iraq we are allowed to share one driving license with all my sisters.

John : How is that possible??!! Dont you have photos on your driving license to indicates who is the owner of the license?

Fatima : oh yes we do .... thats why we can share our driving license among ourself.

Jane : I dont belif .... impossible

Fatima : You dont belif ... I show you then you will understand!!! Nah! take a look yourself!

Click on the above pikture to get a larger image

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! toking about the irony of having a photographed driving license!!! LMAO!!


  1. mr bean's license.. wrong country.. wrong continent even

  2. damn sohai the iraq mia lesen!!!!!!!

    how to catch female thieves like that?!!?!?!!??

    bean mia lesen from Florida USA, and the China mia lesen is International one, means all country oso can use!!!!!

  3. hahaha !!! damn kao funny , man ! LMAO ~ Mr. Bean flahsing his famous wink !

  4. wah boss... ini sensitive hehe...

  5. Terkena from you pulak............ A good laugh...........

  6. The last license is Croatian, not Iraqi.


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