5 September 2007

Health is better than wealth

Ahbeng's very rich brader (Ahock) died and the whole family gathered around to listen to his loyar read his will.

Loyar : To my bini Ahlian I gibe lu the houz and the 5 storey building and 2 million linggit, to my doter Lulu I gibe lu my marsili and a condo in mont kiara, to my son i gibe lu my sepot cars, my boat and 2 condos in Sri hartamas.
Ahbeng : Ah? no more ar? me leh?
Loyar : oh ... wait got one more ... its for you wan
Ahbeng : I know my brader wont forget me wan!
Loyar : To my brader Ahbeng who always tell me that health is better than wealth .... you can have my jogging machine.


  1. haha lol.. sad for ahbeng..

  2. tat jogging machine sure gold-plated

  3. MUAHAHAAHAHAH!!! GOT ME LAUGHING!!!! good one good one.


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