20 September 2007

Blogging on a Moving Bus

I m now blogging on a moving bus that comes with a personal power point at each seat .... And you never thot its possible huh?

Window seat

Power point for your gadgets, whether you wanna charge your phones or power up your notebook or simply watch vcd on your media player. How thotful!

nah show you this pic if not u dunch belif me!

Ayam brogging on a bus~~~ Ayam brogging on a bus~~ (sing this to the tune the classical of I'm dancing in the rain)

Please excuse my singing ... yea i m that bored ok?!!! wait they giving out meals ledi!!! I go makan first lol!

lu Hungry anot?

And when I thot it couldnt get any better than this ... come one waiter dressed in tie n all asking me "sir you want kofi, tea or mee-lohh?"

Hmm ... i wonders if they gonna give kuih anot later? what you think? maybe cookies or muffins? Or maybe beer??!!! lol!


  1. wa lauuu manyak sedap. I hungry now.. feel like skipping my swimming session and go for dinner later. lol.

  2. it's soo cool! u use 3g to go online?

  3. Blogging on the move. Cool! :D

  4. Hi
    This is the first time I come to your website. I enjoy the manner you writes. It tickles my bones to no ends. Do you speak Hokkien. I am Hokkien fellow. My wife said I sudah Siau.

    Where do you find the bus with power plugs?

    I just started my blog site:
    I wonder whether you can link to my site?
    Alwin Chuah

  5. give yr lou mou wan!

    aih know la ...u sitting sibeh cio bus and fark u lor..im really hungry!
    stuck in the opis cnanot home yet..

  6. kakaakaka...

    i noticed that they give you only 1 ball. not balanced diet-la... :-P

  7. Hahaha... was chatting with u too!

  8. wah this is what bus ar? i also want to try...

  9. waaaah... if you no say hor ,
    i thinking you in aeroplane thim !!


  10. niamas, I tot only airplane got this kinda serbis!?!?!!?

    You sure u on a bus? Btw airplane dun ch hab power point lehh...

  11. Wah! The new Metrobus so nice wan ah ? LOL!


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