25 September 2007

LANCAU is .....

Today I m gonna teach you the meaning of the word "LANCAU"

If you think LANCAU is some kinda bad words then you are one veli veli bad boi! or ger or man or uncle or ahpek or aunty or ahso or ahkua or watever!

I no bruff you wan .... lemme tell you dirty minds what is the real meaning of LANCAU la!

LANCAU stands for "Lawyers National Campaign against Untouchability, Nepal"

I know la! you farkers sure dont belif me wan! But like always I got PROOF wan!!

Click on the above image for better view

A brief introduction on LANCAU taken from the above blog :
LANCAU NEPAL is a law based social engineering organization, dedicated to uproot the ages old untouchability system from Nepal and influence the neighbouring nations to do the same. Support out 'Untouchability Elimination Decade 2005-2015".
This is their website! Go ahead click on the LINK HERE, Browse and explore their blog, they even have a section called "LANCAU NEWS"

A brief walkthru their blog indicates that this LANCAU is actually doing a good job in upholding human rights and discriminations.

Now .. who says Rojaks Daily is not educational? I hope from today onwards you all will never look at LANCAU the same way again!


  1. lancau la!!! U bruff wan!!!!

  2. dats ya.... wanna say u so mou liew go lind lanjau word onlie and blogg bout it lor,

    i knoe its kindda nonsense but u make the topics so interesting to ah bengs and ah lians to read that i feel i also kene tipu lidat.

    so , i wanna sue u u LANCAU . can or not ?

  3. waahahahahhaa... I laughed really loud on this one! hahahha

  4. boss.. lanciau leh?? hahaha


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