19 September 2007

How to deduct?

Ahbeng open a chainis pizza restoren in Amadika and one day the IRS (inkam tax mia olang) come ask him about his account.

IRS : Sir, according to our records you reported a net profit of $80k last year. Is this correct?
Ahbeng : Kanneh si angmoh! You derno how to read one ka?
IRS : Just answer correct anot pulez.
Ahbeng : Why you all dunwan leave me alone wan? I everyday also work like a dog one leg kick all! Chainis new year also no close and now you asking me how I made $80k?
IRS : Actually we are not interested with your net income.
Ahbeng : Then?
IRS : Its the business expenses we are worry about.
Ahbeng : What business deduction?
IRS : In these deductions we found several trips to Japan and Hong Kong and China and Malaysia. How do you explain this? These were personal vacations and not suppose to be treated as business expenses.

Ahbeng's face turned pale and his brain begin to go into overdrive .... then a few seconds later Ahbeng rusty brain came out with a brilliant explaination ....

Ahbeng : err .... havent you heard about spesel delivery ar?

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