14 September 2007

Bird Weck Porsche ... Bird Wins

What happen if you were driving your brand new sepot car Porsche at 250km/h on the north south highway and suddenly got one gagak come crashing thru your windshield?

Here is how it gonna looks like!

Of coz your sepot car mia windshield wont shattered la! Expensip car mah! Still can drive home la ... buden got one big hole on the windshield only lol!

Take alook on the inside la ... not everyday u get to see a porsche with a hole on the windshield from the inside wan ... shiok anot?

And is the the seats .... if the seats can be so bloody, can you imagine how bloody can the face of the driver/passenger be? Not only bloody I m sure the whole face will be covered with feathers as well!

and Finally ... the rear windshield stopped the dead gagak from going any further .... its the gagak final resting place. This gagak dem smart! die also wanna die in a expensip car!

That concludes our lesson of "what happen when a gagak weck your car when u speeding at 250kmh"


  1. itu bukan gagak laaaa...

    that's a chick'n.

  2. OMG. must be careful.

  3. Anonymous3:14 pm

    This one ah, is one suay sepot car lah. Must get the woh siong (monk) to bless the sepot car mah before driving. Don be so kedekut lah!

  4. HAhaha...your blog beri de funny la...congrats....nice to read

  5. ORE-SUM

    This porshe not in Northsouth Highway. Probably in UK.

    Malaysians not so stupid to drive Porche in PLUS. They drive Evo and crash lorries backside like dead cicak.

  6. The only place where u can drive 250km/h is Autobahns of Germany. The car bears a German number plate (post 1994) and is left hand drive. I hit a bird at approx 80 m/h once and the wind screen was ok. Poor bird!!

  7. That'll buff right out!

  8. Wah, the bird sure fly very fast, may be supersonic speed!!!


  9. what is a chicken doing flying on the highway?

  10. Dude, that's a gagak, not a chicken. Jeez man.


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