23 September 2007

The Color of Mooncake Festival

Mid Autumn Festival to me is a festival for kids and family to get together and that is what we did. Although there is still a few days left before the actual date and since its weekend we took the chances to go back to my folks home and play tanglung like the good old days.


We kinda ruined the gate by placing lotsa candles onnit, looks like we gotta clean it up after mid autumn or my folks is really gonna weck us all kaw kaw lol.


This fish lantern has been with Little Devil since hes 2 years old, a gift from his grandpa and for the last 3 years he has been playing with this. Lets hope there will be many more years to come for this fish.


This big headed lantern belongs to my sis, been with her for a few years also.


Others than candles and tanglung we also got ourself some light fireworks and some pop-pops


Being a traditional Ahpek, we do not have fancy fancy battery operated noisy kinda tanglungs, that kinda tanglung is blardee annoying. If you asked me to choose i rather buy a torchlight instead.


Little Devil enjoying himself


Little Devil first encounter with fireworks, he finished the whole stack and still asking for more.

Why no mooncake? Well its not the actual date yet and if you noticed ... the price of mooncake is not cheap nowadays, so only on the actual date only eat ler! This year we got homemade mooncake instead of buying those expensive mooncake from outside.

If you cant make it back home to celebrate ... I hope the piktures in this post would be able to warm up your heart a lil bit and do call your folks and tell them how you wished you could be celebrating with them ok?

Happy mid autumn festival everybody!


  1. missing candle days...
    had a mooncake festival celebration with fellow students here in moscow...
    but no candles...

  2. Ahhh... I miss that moment, here can't see any tanglung at all.

  3. err homemade mooncake aa?? can show us how to make o not? pls... hehe.. here in desert no mooncake leh.. miss it so much.. Cheers and God Bless

  4. miss childhood's day ~~ haha ~~ when i use de candle to "boil" .. wahaha ~~ like cooking ~~

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  6. happy mid autumn !.. post lah .. ur homemade mooncake !!..

  7. weeks : wuah u still can get mooncake in moscow? terror!

    kenny : bro u tell ealier i can courier lu tanglung leh!

    aodian : not I make wan, my sis make wan so i derno how to make yet lol

    sheerlicious : haha i also got play masak masak with candle last time! Come come we play masak masak again!

    Alwin : dont mention it

    Janicepa : Not i make one wor! I can teach you how to make Chocolate cake la! want anot?!


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