13 September 2007

Best Car Windscreen Tint Ever!!!!

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too!

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me can?

Ok ... you might paid RM1k for your car windscreen to be tinted but have you seen anyone take a second look at your car after you tinted your windshield? No rite? Why? Becoz the tint sucks!!!

We at Rojaks Institute of Kiamsiaplogy belif in making your investment worthwhile! Therefore we came out with this spesel windshield tinting for cars that will make head turns everytime!! You dont even have to drive flashy cars ok? even you install it on your kancil windshield also peeple will take a second, thrid or maybe a forth look! Some may even will walk back to your Proton Saga to take a closer look after that too!

We plomise lu! You dont have to drive flashy cars like Sutera (ok someone told me that Sutera is not a flashy car) Porsche or Lampu-kiri Lamborghini or Masak-kari Maserati to make head turns!

Dont belif me? nebermind ... I tinted my car and I parked it outside of KLSeeSee for a few days and look at the response below! Everyone will stop and take a second look! talking about making your money worth huh?

Oh-La-La~~ oi! apa bikin!

After a few days I bored with KLSeeSee ledi .... then I drove to China town and park there ... China town got more hamsap ahpek for all i know .....

Nah see? everyone stop to take a look! And it only cost a fraction of your expensive windscreen tinting for your car!

If you wanna be notice this season ... this is the must get windshield tinting!

This product is in stock now! Spesel introDUCKtory opper! RM899 for 4 doors, front and back windshield. Mana mau cari??!!!

Nah let you all see sample ploDUCK first!

ORGEE® Windshield tinting .... makes heads turns

What you waiting for? Call the number on your screen now and we will throw in some secondhand underwear FOC!!!

Or you can get this ploDUCK at Linpeh's becoz he is our Sole Distributor under his Olin brand!

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