20 September 2007

High Definition Entertaiment

It is the nowadays' hype: High definition television; so what's with them? With high definition TV programming, you get pictures that is six times more precise and defined as the standard digitized format than the normal type of tv. This means less strain for the eyes, higher in quality, and razor sharp images. On top of that, you will get crystal clear Dolby-surround sound system and a far greater sound effect. However, with all these hypes going around, it's not easy to find one suitable TV programming service provider.

With Dish Network Promotions however, things are different. DishNetwork does not require you to purchase any equipments and provides you with free fast professional installation, free premium movie package, and free digital video recorder upgrade. It comes with 30+ high definition channel and you can record both high definition and standard digitized within one receiver (only applicable for Vip622). Also, with Pocket Dish technology, you can bring your recorded digital movie everywhere you want. This is especially useful for educators and teachers alike as DishNetwork offers a multitude of educational programmes.

All that Dish Network Offers for as low as $29.90 per month! And there is more! You can even get 3 months free of HBO and 6 months of free Dish HD programming! Talk about great value for money! For more details please click on Dish Network Deals.

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  1. Only RM29.90 for all that cool stuff! I want also! But alas, i don't stay in Boleh Land :(


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