8 April 2009

Who Won whose Batang ???

Was at yum char with fler photographers just now when one fler received an sms, looked up and said to us ...

Ahbeng : Bee-anne won Batang I!
Ahhock : Who won your batang?!!
Me : Bee-anne is your gf? how she won your batang?
Ahbeng : BN la!! BN!!! the erection la!!!
Me : Oh diu!! mch say properly la! the way u say it like freaking obscene ok?!!

Doubting his news .... we then we take out our laptop and surf newsite for updates .... and what we saw is actually more obscene than what this ahbeng described ok?

screen shot taken from Teh Star

Pakatan wins 2 Bukits .... BN Takes BATANG aI! WTF?! Can put more proper headline anot?!!! MCH! 2 bukits n 1 batang!!!! ..... KAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!! WTF got 2 bukits n 1 batang?!!! Tranny ka?! KAKAKAKAKA!!! luff 9 die me la!!!

The Star I salute u kaw kaw man!!! u vehlee teh funny leh!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!! ohmaikot i can stop luffing la!! help me wei!!!! 2 bukits n one batang!!!! lol


  1. seefu!let u zadou!!hahaha!

  2. got erection somore. hahahah.
    very funny.

  3. now my turn luff 9 liaw!

  4. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Ha Ha Ha.;)
    Feels good eh!

  5. pumpkin curry la.....

    why I never think of this ar....

  6. Zhar dou

  7. what kind of batang and bukit?? is it uh .... yeah i get it


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