14 April 2009

Learn How to Understand Thai

If you watched TV reality show like "The Amazing Race" where they send you to a foreign country and you gotta scramble for clues and ask the locals for direction?

Well we experienced that ... in Bangkok ... yea! You would be surprised with the way they incorporate England into their Thai language and it bekam a fusion language (kinda like our ahbeng england language here also).

Our first encounter is at the airport when we just touch down and begin to ask for direction because one of the Ahbeng too busy taking piktures till we are seperated from the rest of the group ... so there we are lost ... looking for our beggage colection counter ... so we did what a lost Ahbeng would do ... we asked for direction!

We saw one nice thai lady in uniforms (we assumed shes is the airport staff la! she in uniform mah!) then I asked lidis la ...

Me : Excuse me, we seems to be lost .... can you tell me where is beggage belt D is?
Thai Lady in uniform : Bell D .... Bell D go stet .. tai hau ten lep.

I then looked at her ... n show her my "I dunno what the fark u just said" kinda face ... she then repeat the same line again but this time with hand gestures ...

Thai Lady in uniform : Bell D .... Bell D go stet .. tai hau ten lep. (with her hands keep pointing in a specific direction)

Refused to look dumb i pretend to understand WTF shes saying to me and walked to the direction she pinted at ....

As we keep walking ... its all so clear now!! we actually figured out wtf she saying to us!!!

She Said (in her thai fusion england) : Belt D go straight ... thai house turn left!!!!

LOL!!! WTF!!!!

Thats just one of the encounter .... wait till i tell u about the boom boom girlsss we met!!!! *slurpss*


  1. erm, whats a thai house?

    you didn't reply back to her meh "thank kap you kap very kap much kap kap"

  2. dun say ke-dor-dek...

    you will end up with panda eyes....

  3. Thai slang don have "s" or "f".

    Brother, you won't have trouble with their language after a few more months la, I know you'll be going there for their boom boom girls every now and then.

    You just can't resist it with your itchy kuku!!! Kakakakakakaka....

  4. Love your site verymuch


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