29 April 2009

Cuci Mata Wednesday with Jess

I keep getting messages from Ahbengs fwens asking me why no more cuci mata post one? Got la got la! just this time i wanna change the format ledi jek! I wanna taruk the pikchers that i took myself la instead of ripping it from somewhere else. This is to show that Ahbeng also can take pikchers one ok! lol!

This is Part 1 oni .... my first proper Portrait shoot with a model, Her name is Jess n she got a pair of freaking long legs one! (that legs part u will get to see in Part 2 next week lol) this week let u all warm up warm up first ... i sked if too sexy u all will laubeihuet n die lol!

I know u all dem kancheong la ... i also not free to type so much bcoz i got tonnes of work i havent do yet! U all slow slow enjoy the pikchers la!!!

Feel free to komen ok? tenkiu bery mach!

Cuci Mata wednesday Part 2 Kambing next week!


  1. wahhhh *rub eyes*..wahhhhhhh *jaws drop*

  2. yatz damn kua zhang lo!

  3. hahaha.. eh the first pic how u put the logo inside also ar? i mean ur water mark? is it the alpha logo another picture?

  4. MCH...u chasing readers away is it?

  5. wah, ah beng become pro photog ka?

    more more

  6. erm abit skinny lerrrr

  7. Lovely photos. Like the way you posed your model. I especially like Photo#1.

    Notice you have some problems with the lighting though. Many of your photos have shadows or are strongly back lit. May benefit from more fill-in flash. Some off-camera flash would also be good.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Do keep the photos coming though.

    Yoon Lee

  8. why cover up so MUCH one? we don't want clothes! xD


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