28 April 2009

The Great Escapade

Dun say i no tell lu ah! I just found out that MAS is giving away air tickets to local n over the sea destination in their latest contest for brogger! Who no join who LUGILA!! For more infos go HERE la!

This is my entry to the contest lor .. dun say i got leng yea never tell u all ah!

If u got read my previous post, you will know i just recently went to Bangkok with 2 others Ahbengs and the trip was a Bang! We travelled in style, stayed 5 stars hotels and eat expensip food ... but there is a consequences one you see .... as a married man you kenot enjoy yourself too much one or else your wife would be jeles!!

Yea ... my missus got jeles ... she also demand for a travel in style vacation for her and our son! Oumaikot!!! What i gotten myself into this time?! Its time lidis you thank god bcoz u have an ahbeng fwen who work as a travel conmsultant wan. I fast fast call Ahbeng Thomas and ask him to kaisiu me some travel in style package that would not burnt my entire wallet including my pocket wan la.

Me : harrow Ahbeng! i m dip sheet now wei!
Thomas : wat happened?
Me : Its all your fault la! Our Bangkok trip tp the travel in style now i kambek ledi my wife also want anoder travel in style vacation la!
Thomas : kakakakaka!!
Me : Niahma luff what luff? U fast fast kam out with a super cheap travel in style package for the 3 of us or else i hire some banglas go burn 9 your opis!!!
Thomas : Niahma want burn my opis meh? U dem lucky! I got just the solution for lu la!
Me : Keep toking .... ayam listening ....
Thomas : I just received an email MAS now got new promo!!! Got 9 stimulus program to kasi u stimulate kaw kaw till your brader can stand long long!
Me : Yau mou?!!! u bruff 9 me i burn 9 your opis ah!!!
Thomas : No bruff you wan! u sindiri go their website n see la! Got buy 1 get 1 free promo also wei! U kamtim the air tickets and i kautim the hotels for you la! lengmou?
Me : ok ok i go Mas website n see ... if u bruff 9 me ... u better increase the fire insuran to your opis ok?
Thomas : mch ... can u be abit less violent anot?
Me : U want move new opis anot?
Thomas : ok ok soli soli .. u is not violent at all ... u also very hansem .... pliz dun burn my opis ... i like my current opis very mach.

Sure enuff .... a visit to the MAS website got one big big new logo lidis one wei!

I then clicked on the above pikchers in the mas website and my screen changed to this :

They gibe me 9 super promo to choose from!!!! not 1 or 2 or 3 it is 9 you know??!!! NINE!!! Simbilan!!! Kau!!!

Due tot he fact that I alredi burnt a hole in my wallet on my Bangkok trip ... my objective ie very clear .... i just want super duper economical air tickets for 3 so that my severely injured wallet (from Bangcock trip) dont die on me yet lol!

I open my eyes big big like hunting for lenglui who is hidden in the middle of aunties crowds at the pasar lidat ....

the first "stimulus package" to catch my attention is this ....

Kids fly free wei! Ngam me la! I buy 2 tickets for me n my missus and then our kid gets to fly free wor! LENG LA! but got one pobem .... this "stim-ulus package" kenot buy online wan ... kena go thru their ticket opis or travel agent one.

I wanted something i can book online one to avoid all the hassle of driving and parking and burning ppl's opis .... so i keep looking and then i saw this

80% off man!!! wah lan eh! pay 20% oni per person if 3 person only pay 60%!! wah lan eh mana mau cari?!!! This one i like man!!! My wallet will be very happy to learn about this man!!! LOL!

Then i keep looking la .. mana tau got a even better one than 80% off rite? look see look see .. i saw this wor!

Grab a deal ... i acherly derno what this is till i clicked onnit and i saw this ....

Oumaikot!!! RM69 oni!!!! So the very cheap!!!! I so the want!!!! My Missus also the want! My Little Devil lagi want!!! My Wallet lagi want leh!!! LENG AH!!! HOU LENG AH!!!

Harrow Mangkali!!! Langkawi here we kam la!!!


  1. i just can't stop laghing throughout your post. its so funny and at the same time infomative. glad that i added you into my blog list

  2. aiyoh, wingz brother, ur post too many curse words, not scared kena banned from the contest meh? hehehe

  3. too bad chester kanot follow u..


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