10 April 2009

Bangcock here I kam!!!

I dunch briff it!!! I really dunch briff we managed to pull this thru in just few days time!!!

After I put up this POST got 2 ahbengs kam find me to poison 9 me to go Bangcock for hornyday this weekend! At first i dem skeptical also la ... mch left few days only where got enuff time to arrange rite? Mana tau one of the basket (who is werking in a tour kompeni one) really managed to kautim every freaking thing and come back to us the next day n tell us

"oi our trip confirmed! dun ffk!!! and faster pay up!"

Niahma! at first I thot he tok kok oni! mana tau he really booked ledi and now we got a hornyday to go to!!! got free MAS cap sommo!!! lol
  1. Beggage? checked!
  2. Passport? checked!
  3. MAS Air Ticket? checked!
  4. 5 Stars Hotel booked? checked!
  5. Thai Bath? checked!
  6. Camera? checked!
  7. Ahbeng Travel Buddies? checked!
  8. Itinerary? checked!
  9. Bangcock BEST tap kuat center? checked!
  10. Bangcock best shopping center? checked!
  11. Err ... anyone can help us by suggesting to us what kinda "nice" activities/ places to go to in Bangcock? U can leave a komen in this post .. we got wifi in the room so i can check out your suggestion and if you give us nice tips .. we kambek buy u plesen la! lengmou?!

Bangcock here we Kam la!!!

p.s. : we no go there to sapot thaksin ok!!! we go there to plomote bilateral ties with thai girls oni! lol


  1. corndom check anot?
    soli soli soli.......

    buaya farm la.....

  2. pisang : condom no nid buy wan!!! bangockc got gibe free domdoms one!!! .. buaya farm ar? diu ler... dunwan la .. we 3 still not enuff buaya meh? sommo want go buaya farm lol!!!

  3. Oi you damn sohai lorh!

    your wife reads your blog arr??

  4. YH : oi i mana got say i go kiukai la? ... i go there hornyday jek!! but if kai wanna kiu me .. i also kenot stop them one rite? what if i walk pass n the kai call me "ah wingz ahhh" lidat not my fault mah rite anot? kakakkaa

  5. seefu!i don care u kiu kai or kiu ngap or kai kiu u or ngap kiu u...get me tomyam!!!hahaha..and also..buy the lay's chips there!veli cheap n leng ar!!the soft crab garlic!!wahaaahhahahha!

  6. later your wife hire spy!

  7. Hi there.
    I do frequent your blog, and love to read them :)

    I've just been to bangkok last year.

    I have a whole bunch of itinerary and photos posted here :P Hope u don't mind that :p


    it was a 3 day trip for us.

    of all the places we went, 2 of them that i would like to really recommand to you :)

    knew that u are into photography too, and if u are like me, who loves animals and shooting them, then the SAFARI world is a must go. :) You kid will really love it. :)

    and if u plan to go to Pattaya too (2hour drive from Bangkok), then go to Coral Island, and experience the "Walking under the Sea" thingie. No cheap though, 1200Bath per person, for 30min under the sea, but it really is an experience if you haven't had that kinda stuff before :)

    your wife will definitely love u more if u bring her to "Chatuchak". It's a weekend market. A place which we regretted for not going due to time constrain :P


    Wish you a happy holiday there.
    can't wait for your photo posting in the near future ;)

  8. hahahah! yeah thai gals. go. that's ur mission. gogogo~

  9. Anonymous2:44 pm

    bangkok no fun oledi. I went last year
    You should go to Pattaya.

  10. can i follow u? lol

  11. blame on the kai kiu lu ........... omg

  12. swing : tenkiu your nice rekomendation but we tarak go out of bangkok lrt ... only stuck in bangkok only with 2 other mahlatlows lol not family

    buttercup : i where got say thai girl is my mission?

    anon : pattaya got what to play one?

    miku : next time i bring u as lagguge ok? just make sure u dont weight more than 20kgs lol

    redg4 : abuden? if the kai really call u .. then what u call that? lol


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