13 April 2009

We got out of Bangkok in one piece!!!!

Yesh u read it right!!! We got out just before they announce the "state of emergency" in Bangkok!!!

I derno if thats is good or bad thing ... if we stayed back .. we could just bump in the hotel (bcoz got curfew mah!) and in our hotel ... got lotsa angmohs n honky girls one!!!! and since we kenot go anywhere .... i bet we all can get lucky too!!! kakakaka

2 Ahbengs holding our boarding pass

Or the more adventorous side of me would like to sneak out with a camera in hand and goto where all the action are and start snapping!!! That would be freaking adrenalin pumping too!

Ok ok ... i gotta stop dreaming and go back to work ... nw that i m already in kl ... sigh ... still in hornyday mood ler ... how to work? :P


  1. my name is anonymous

    my blog can be found at .......

    i hate u!!!

    i beh song u!!!!

    OMGGGG my komen is posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. no lah. they (red) was behaving when we were there. After we masuk airplane, they all misbehave. so bad.

  3. luckily you are out of there before the havoc started... i was a bit shock when the news started to broadcast about bangkok's pandemonium.

  4. Why got ah-Nam kor one?!

  5. did you check your groin got missing 1 ball anot?


  6. so which ah beng is you?


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