12 April 2009

Bangkok Teaser Photo Part II

Niahma today hak 9 sei me! .... i sleep till blur blur dint realised bangcock is actually 1 hour behind KL one! (all my time still follow KL time even tho the MAS pilot already tell us to change to local Bangkok time when we touch down) but i freaking lazy to change la ... today wekap n look at the time! Wahrao eh!!! i thot we overslept!!! I kick 9 the ader 9 bargers wekap ... n we all kelam kabut get ready to chung to the hotel's rest to eat blekfast oni to found out that we are actually 1 hour early lol!

So i kena kaw kaw from that 2 farker la and they 2 gang up on me n dun lemme use internet, lucky that 2 bargers alredi sleep so i can curi curi online n do this post la lol!

See this barger sleep ledi also dem yong sui one lol!

Today another action packed day!! shopping shopping shopping! massage massage massage!!! oh we also did this!

What izzit? ..... later i gobek kl oni tell u la ... now i wanna bikin u suspen 1st can? lol!

Ok la i mau go sleep ledi ... tomolo mia plan lagi full!!!! need the power to do all the stuffs we planned!!! Adios amigo!


  1. Be careful ler... Thailand very luen shui now!

  2. are u wokay!?bangkok state of emergency!!

  3. wah, sniping leng luis ar?
    make sure see properly via the sniping scope, see if female or shemale ar. hahahaha

  4. Take care, the situation there is chaotic these few days.

  5. is that the rifle shooting sport or whatever?? the photo really chio...

  6. haha. the moment we left, then bangkok went into state of emergency.

    I guess they can't live without us already and start missing us

  7. You go there to train becum sniper ar?
    who you grion to sniper?


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