5 April 2009

Nuffnang Maxis Music Bash 2009

Prior to my post ... lemme state here that some of the person in the photographs I do not know who they are, so if saw your photos here please feel free to drop me a msg ok?

You peeples still remember Bunny jiejie anot?!!!

Dun tell me you dunch remember Ginny jiejie ok!!!

iStalk Bunny Jiejie!!! her smile so teh suwet wan!!!!

Lengluis sekiu talking term with one Ahbeng

Bunny Jiejie making cute face

4 big beauty

Ginny jiejie getting hawter by the day wei!

I really like the lighting effect of this pikcher ...

Mahlatlow bruffing little girl for free hugs lol

Top nuffnang ekSEXkutip ahlob toking on the phone.

Bitnee Sepah in the middle

My relatip n her partner

Both also my relatips

Bitnee Sepah n Redmummy

Tim in the middle of an interview

errr... if u have any clue of what they were doing in the above pigchers pls sms to 6967 .. each sms is RM14,543.94

This dude Julien dem happening ok? He is actually white but he wanna bekam black ... his face is black but his hands is white ... so this is one confused brader! lol Ya Mon!

I think one of the is wat wat curry ... rite anot?

The baddest asses in nuffnang ... Nick & YH

I think i saw her before but i cant link her face to any name kinda lenglui lol

Lober n Confused Bob Barley lol! Barley is white ma!

The all bloggers band "The Tololcast!" ah? not Tololcast meh? Ahliang said Tololcast one wor!!! lol kid u jek!!! The Holocast la!

At the time of this pic ... nobody actually know this 2 flers is gonna end up as best dressed male n female one!

Holocast playing from above.

KY in his pyjama getting lucky downstairs

By any chance anyone would know who is this suwet suwet young girl??

Bloggers concentrating to win the canon Ixus camera

Anyone know who this HAWT chick is anot? I been trying to get her number without success!

Bryanlyt on stage singing kuku song ... serious!

The girl with a freaking awesome voice!! I hope i got a name to relates the face to.

The busiest funcheong at the venue ... ahlob busy running around fark me no free lol

The crowds from upstairs

Some of the booty shaking contestants (soli no name also)

booty shaker #1

Booty shaker #2

Booty shaker #3 ... if not mistaken i think this is Hitomi

Booty shaker #4 ... shake till hair also flying one lol

Tigress Benji spotted among the crowds. Too bad kenot get her longkang la! she wear so low!!

AhLiang MC kena force kaw kaw to shake his booty also ... this pose looks like some hisdustan dance lidat! lol

The HWAT chicks and her legs!!! PHUHH!!! look at those legs man!!! *drools*

Booty shaking gone wrong ... eh girl look where you put your hand la! u on the stage u know?! lol

Pwah like do hair shampoo ads lidat man ... the thing is ... shes suppose to shake booty wan!

Jason from CHIP won TGIF voucher

Little do you know that Nuffnang staffs also can sing rite? This is one of the requirement if you wanna work in nn! lol

Brader Ahyatz come as John Lemon ... Lemon is yellow mah ... John Lennon is white angmoh lei geh! lol so chinese mai use Lemon lor.

John Lemon also can shake booty one wei! Dun prey prey!

After a few patch of grass ... Bob Barley also can shake booty liow

Woohoo Bitnee Spears on stage! *drool drool*

Best Dressed female also can shake booty wan!

ok boh liow ... why boh liow? my flash ran outta battery la!!! knn!! next time must bring more batt liow!!!

Big tenkiu to nuffnang and staffs for the inbitation and for throwing a freaking awesome party ... not forgetting the free food n beer also!! If got Soon Yeh lidis in the future pulez inbite me again wei!!!


  1. wah zheng ah..lots of lenglui voyeurism pictures..LOL

  2. wah! i still remember bunny jie jie and Ginny jie jie le. haha!

    lol! i tot this is a party where they hire ppl go. mana tau actually participants go sing ar? LOL!

  3. "I think i saw her before but i cant link her face to any name kinda lenglui lol"

    avril girl here, uncle wing. we met at the sharing session last year lol.

  4. "Tigress Benji spotted among the crowds. Too bad kenot get her longkang la! she wear so low!!"

    wtf ahpek wingz!!! GRRRRRRRR
    thank god my hand covered it huhuhuhu.

    say la, u not pro enuf to capture ahhhaha

  5. wahrao damn voyeur pictures. yatz damn like hor mr buaya XD

  6. the chic you refer to with DSLR is Huei0522

  7. Wah..uncle wingz, so many leng lui pictures ah?I think all also lau bei huit d..hahahaha

  8. wa..lenglui pics only..hahaha

  9. Top nuffnang ekSEXkutip ahlob

    you almost give everyone a nickname ar ;p

  10. Black or white we're all the same waaat? :p

  11. u farking uncle!!! that time ask u wanna go to that event or not, n u farking told me that ur not interested.n now, i know that U WERE THERE SHOOTING PHOTOS!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

    HATE U!!! because of u, me n my gang didnt end up there!

    fark u.

    p/s: the pissing part was just a joke. but honestly, felt upset that u cheat my feeling.

    tralalala! have a nice day ahead PAEDO!!


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