11 April 2009

Bangcock Teaser Photos

Wuah today plan really intense!!! we play till 2am only kambek!!! then those 3 basket dominated the internet sufring p0rn till now 4am only my turn to online ... heres a teaser pigchers of a place we went to today.

Weird name for a restaurant .. cabbage and condoms! you wanna know what they serve to us for dinner anot?!!! stay tune ladies!!! kakakakaa! ok la i kena goto sleep edi ... tomolo kena wekap erly weck free blekfast ... if not later suma kena wallop finish the rugi la!!!


  1. eat cabbage, free condoms?

  2. Angel7:29 pm

    They serve you rubber with flavors?

  3. Don't need teaser, I sekaligus post up all the cabbage and condoms restoran pix and potong kau your stim, nyaahahhhaah!

    "Tai jor laaaaa!!!!"

    oi, you go bangcock and get your cock banged by cockasss issit?


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