3 April 2009

Sepang F1 2009

If you are going to the F1 race on Saturday and Sunday there is thise 2 things that you NEED to know!

1st ... get yourself a pair of earplug! Like this one below ...

This could be bought from any hardwarestore from anywhere between RM2-Rm5, it is also available in the F1 Ferrari booth also ... for RM10. Even at RM10 its dem worth it ... the medical bill for a pair of damaged eardrums is lot more higher!!! GUARANTEED!

No.2 is dont bring water or food!

They will freaking check you bag!!! each n every freaking one looking for food and water bottles!!!

They will not let you bring in anything edible or drinkable in there so they can sell you their freaking expensive water at RM5 per bottle of 500ml!!!

Here ... the RM5 bottle water!

So dont waste space in your bags and break your shoulders carrying bottles of water in there ok? like it or not .. u have to buy their freaking expensive water one!!!! MCH!!

Here is the rest of the photos i took on practise session on friday afternoon. Enjoy ... or and bring umbrella too ok? the whether station syas its gonne be raining this 2 day!!! ARGHH!!!

Empty .. plektis oni ma!


  1. nice pic but why no gals one ????

  2. no panning shots meh?
    and yeah, where are the gals?

  3. buttercup2:04 pm

    wow.. hahah.. yeawh i was waiting for the gals too. lol! the first RedBull car is best shot! I think. haha.

  4. andrewcha4:01 pm

    I think i might going there on Sunday, but going by car or public transport is better le? And what time is the race start? Because someone is giving me a ticket i think is VIP 1. He said worth bout RM1k wo.

  5. Fuiyoh! Your camera dem good, the F1 car so fast you also can take a good pic.

  6. which camera/lens use for this F1 purpose?


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