24 April 2009

Moscow Robber turned into Sexslave by Female Hairstylist and rapED repeatedly

I know! most of you are here becoz you farking hamsap and got attracted by the title!!! kakaka!!!

Worry not bcoz this is not an April fool joke! This is a real story which happened in Moscow. After this story got published in the Moscow Times ... Moscow suddenly experienced a spike in Hair saloon robberies with the victim requested to be tied up n raped repeatedly!!! kakakakaka!! ok ok i made that up can?

This is the real story ....

This is Viktor the RAPED robber lol!!!

On the 14th March 2009 got one robber named Viktor (who prolly got a big dick) walked into a hair saloon in the Kaluga region town of Meshchovsk with a gun in hand and ordered all of the stylists and clients to hit the floor and toss him their money.

This is Olga ... can someone pls tell me her saloon's address? I wanna rob her too! LOL

Then at this point ... the 28 yrs old female hair stylist by the name of Olga (who know kungfu one) fake fake pretend wanna give him her cash but instead kick 9 his balls and tied him up with the wire of a hair dryer, stuffed 9 his mouth with her smelly socks and drag 9 him into the storeroom. Olga then tell everyone that the police will come later and they should not worry about the robber.

After everyone left the hair saloon .... Olga then go into the storeroom and threatened Viktor that she hand him over to the police if he dont do as she ordered. Viktor have no choice but to give in to her request and let her have her way with him. (WTF!!! lucky basket!!!)

Olga then tied Viktor to the radiator with handcuffs covered in frilly pink bulus .. forced him to eat SEVERAL pieces of VIAGRA and RAPED him many many times in the next 48 hours before she release him. He was as dry as a "squeezed lemon" by the time she is done with him!! Olga also bought a new pair of jeans for Viktor (obviously she tears his current jeans to pieces ledi lol) and she also paid him 1,000 Rubbles for his serbis. (ok ok i m gonna call MAS now and book the 1st available flight to MOSCOW!!!! I LAP MOSCOW DIP DIP!!! Olga here I kam!!! )

It pretty obvious that this Viktor is not a very bright man .... after his release ... Viktor goto hospital to get his dick checked .... apparently Olga was too rough/horny (or prolly too dry LOL!) and Viktor's dick got hurt in the process of repeat heavy duty usage LOL! After the hospital check ... Viktor decided to file a police report against Olga for raping him repeatedly (WTF?!!! What an idiot!!!!)

Viktor's police report

When Olga learnt about the police report done by Viktor, she was freaking angry .... she told reporter "I made his sexual fantasy come true and bought him jeans and even paid him for his service!!!" ... so in the end Olga also made a police report against Viktor for armed robbery.

Olga's Police Report

Looks like they both gonna face jail sentence soon .... now Viktor just have to pray hard so that he wont end up int he same prison as Olga only HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

If you is a girl n u wanna rape me ..... i plomised lu ... u can rape me repeatedly for 48 hrs non stop ... i will not make police report against you one! Heck you dont even have to buy me new jeans or pay me 1,000 bucks ok?! I'll bring my own spare jeans ok?! KAKAKAKAKAKA!!!

P.S. : do you think Olga is same like our Ahlian also? I do notice alotsa russian chick also call Olga one lol! .... so guys ... if u kena rape repeatedly for 48 hrs ... will u go report police anot? dun be shy la!!! u can tell me!!! i wont tell ppl wan!!! KAKAKAKAKAA!!!

Footnote :
Full story HERE
Photos credit to life.ru


  1. Haha.
    Well, that's the tough thing in life.

    You never get what you asked for

  2. Haha.
    Well, that's the tough thing in life.

    You never get what you asked for

  3. lol I read that too, rob people sumore kena raped LOL

  4. olga is totally damn thirsty. and its the other way round, go woman power!! (oppss, wrong situation).

  5. wingz, go try this at your neighbourhood saloon. hahahha

  6. you go la.....
    later rape by AH KUA later
    you will larfin stok og belorger.


  7. Anonymous5:41 am

    Olga is quite hot la can see from the picture.
    moscow here i come!

  8. 48 hours??? It's okay, I'll give her bonus, 48 days enough or not??.

  9. He should wear your "I don't need sex" t-shirt.

  10. Funny !!!!!!! u sure u wanna rape by Olga??48hours leh.. two thumbed up for this post ^^

  11. I read this news from somewhere too, why no girl come rape me ha? Damn jealous that fella la... LOL

  12. Maybe Olga doesn't look anything like the woman in the picture but weights 100Kg and is 60 years old ;~P

  13. Wingz

    Your dreams come true ... faster go moscow ..


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