23 April 2009

I woke up to this sms this morning ....

I was still dreaming about my dream girl and then suddenly i was awaken by a sms tone coming from my phone ..... i cursed "who da fark will sms me farking erly in the morning" i get my ass off the bed to check out the sms ... its a sms from Dale and this is what the sms read like ...

Still numbed, blur and half awake i was terribly disturb over this ... Linpeh is my best fwen and this is one piece of freaking bad news. I was dumbfarked for a few minutes sitting by the bedside trying to digest and reread the sms hoping that i read it wrong, i try reading it word by word by it still sound like a piece of freakingly shitty news!!!

I refused to briff this, I called Dale (for like 523,546 times) but he aint picking up my call. Unable to accept the fact I called 9393 to confirm the news, he paniced too ... we then together gether call the whole wide world to make sure this is just a joke and this is not happening.

I constantly keep in touch with 9393 to make sure if he got any news about this whole lnpeh's joke.

Few hours later our hunt is still fruitless .... and feeling hopeless and all i then received another sms from dale that read lidis one ....

I imediately called him back and this time he pick up my call ... his voice abit coarse kinda like ppl just wekap lidat ...

Me : why da fark you no pick up my callss this morning?!
Dale : I m sick la ... i took lotsa medicine and dropped dead.
Me : do you know what you typed in your first sms to me this morning?
Dale : I m sorry dude ... i farking blur i derno what i type .. so soli!

I then fark him kaw kaw and tenkiu him for making my day so sweet .... i then get off the car to go buy strepsils from shell petrol station only to have the female cashier looked at me in a very weird way and said "boss ... your Tshirt u wear terbalik la"

I looked down and OMFG!!! i wearing my tshirt inside out!!!!!! and before this i was at the kopitiam having blekfas sommo!!!! this time really farking malu man!!!!



  1. hahaha, what a good joke (opps sorry)


    ~ lei pei kuai thui??!?!?! (cantonese)

  2. i thought it should be "you let ghost poke.." no?

  3. Please send my condolences to linpeh. I was so panic before I finish this post... niamah this Dale! Hak Sei Ngo

  4. no wander linpeh no updated her post weli long time.

  5. huh?
    soli.. soli..
    ppl 7 early 8 early also cannot open eye.saw linpeh sms, tot wanna do courtesy inform u all. salah typo pulak. :(

    ok lar. tonite lady ghost push me la

  6. hahahahaha damn 7 malu weihhh

  7. dei.. u wore yr t shirt terbalik. I went to sjmc and terminum milo with cockroach inside. it was a bad day indeed for us man.


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