25 December 2007

My Christmas Present To You All

Its 3:18am now and I still hafta goto work later (yea .. on xmas day) and since this year i am blardee broke and I cant afford to buy you guys any xmas present so I did this .... Sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Rite .. now that you'r done with it ... anyone need any blanket to keep warm?

I know its bad .... just hope you dont mind the crappy voice and lousy background music ... cheap proDUCKtion is lidat one ler.

Thanks for sharing your laughters with me all these years ... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Unker ah... yr voice akcerli veli 'lum' wan... but too bad it was drowned by the music!!

    Happy Christmas!

  2. fuiyoh! sifu damn yeng can sing till my ghey heart pumping so fast. waaa~

    merry christmas! :P

  3. Wah! Nice music! Very very blue!! Pity I can't really heard ur voice! Tq tq for all ur post!
    P/s no more cuci mata on wed??
    Have a marry x-mas & happy new year!

  4. =.="""

    very nice la uncle...very nice..i mean it.. =B

    The biggest gift i get from u is those funny and lame jokes u have given me everyday while im at work and ur texts as well really made my day =)

    cheers to u uncle!

  5. last time you becum santa
    why dis year no cum wan?

  6. Where is Wednesday cuci mata post ler?


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