4 December 2007

Ahbeng The Marbles Man

OMFG!!! its oni Tuesdei and I m dying ledi!!! God pulez gimme pahwer!!!

Today i wanna share you all this bideo my KKP sent to me wan .... gerenti you luff mia! If tarak luff I kasi refund balik your ticket plice wokeh?

How Ahbeng the Marbles Man got pahwer anot??!!! Whole plate fulla marbles can fly high high man!!! PAHWER SIAL!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!


  1. If I am holding a bowl of marbles, the marbles will drop oso. Laugh until kenot hold it properly. XD

  2. lol... his kuku gt so power mehh... sudden flick den d whole bowl fly up... only c panty nia oledi gt erection... lousy lahh... wahahahaha...

  3. wokeh..that ahbeng made me laugh!

  4. seen this video be4....cukup power!!!


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