6 December 2007

Cj7 By Chow Sing Chee Kambing soon to a cinema near lu!

I always been a fansee of Chow Sing Chee a.k.a. Stephen Chow's movies and when i hear he got a new movie kambing out I fast fast check it out ... the movie name is CJ7 from the short clip its suppose to be comedy, sci-fi, aliens, bang bang type of movie.

Heres a short clip from the movie i got from a hot chick, a treat to those who derno what to expect in his next movie.

Ladies and GENITALmen ... enjoy!

I think this is gonna be funny la! You got see the kid anot? hes gifted man! Cant wait for it to be screen!


  1. the kid is actually a girl!=]

  2. OMG!!OMG!!I lurveeeeeee Stephen CHow..Im very the excited d..I wana watch la.
    Rojaks,when is it coming out ah??

  3. swt... gal mehh?? LOL... love his movies lahhh... took him so long 2 make another 1... ahahahz...

  4. Stephen Chow has new movie??? Chun!

  5. i got post this in my blog but 1 hantu tark condamn there


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