3 December 2007

Old Ginger is Hotter wan!

God help me pls .... its only Monday!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

In this setori ... Ahbeng is a senior (old la!) carpenter werking in the construction site. You know lar .... construction site sure got alot alot young muscular man wan rite? So happen that one day this young macho fler (Ahkiat) is boasting about how strong and powderfool he is and make fun of Old Ahbeng. This goes on for a while before Ahbeng sibeh tulan with him and "BIG" 9 him back!

Ahbeng : Ahkiat I dun blame you lar ... you no skool wan ... thats why you dunno.
Ahkiat : Oi oldman what toking you? What I dunno?
Ahbeng : You dunno that old ginger is more hot than young ginger
Ahkiat : Hot my foot la! If you got balls u come fight with me and see who hot-TER want anot?
Ahbeng : Fight fight not my style .... if you got balls then you take my bet la!
Ahkiat : What you want challenge me oldman?
Ahbeng : I bet with you my one month salary that I can push something in a wheelbarrow from here to that store and you kenot carry it back the same way!

Ahkiat : HAHAHA!!! Oldman lu "Erm Jai See" (no sked die) ... whole construction site also know i m the most powderfool here you sommo wanna fight with me!! I can carry anything you can haul in that wheelbarrow. Come la! I take your bet!

So both of them also goto ATM and pless out their monthly salary and put on the table as bet. Then Ahbeng goan find himself a wheelbarrow, park it nicely .... dust his hands abit ... and then he said this to Ahkiat.

Ahbeng : Oi! Kanneh! What you waiting for? Get in la!

Erm ... who dun gedit?


  1. hahaha... this is a good one...

  2. Gud one. Hahahha... Maybe Ah Kiat can still try to carry himself by pushing the wheel.

  3. ZzzzZzzzZzzZzZZ

    U MUST APPROVE my comment!

    sekian telima kasih!

  4. hahahhaz... nw ah kiat si beh tulan liao... LoL...

  5. Im damn tulan wei..i beh understand ler..so confused d..lol..
    please enlighten me wei..lol..
    i damn cun ur blogs,mr.rojak..funny..

  6. why u so creative 1?

  7. eh..i still dont get the joke leh.can tell me ah??lol..

  8. lol.....sue me makes me laugh

    ..but the joke is rated 5/10 nia compare to all yr previous joke, more funny wan can?


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