7 December 2007

You are the Blogger Today!

You derno what I mean right? ...

Actulee its nothing spesel also la, most of the fehmes blogger did this ledi its called "Ask me anything post". Yea ... so you can ask me anything today...

Since the komens in this blog is getting lesser and lesser and lesser and lesser i figured even if I did this post also I wont have alot to type also! Maybe less typing than my normal post kakaka! If lucky got one or two questions la ... if not lucky got Gero komens like my most of my posts!

There go ahead ... ask me whatever fark you want ok? Then you will see if my answer is within your expectation anot!

KAM! Let your horse KAM!

P.S. : No sensitip racial/political/religious questions pulez! This is a farking jokes blog la!
P.S ii : Anon komen enable but please at least type a name ok? I need to mention to whom I am replying to also right anot?


  1. hmm. anything ehh?

    i ask you lah.

    what wud u say if your toudai come back permanent again? :D

  2. y no cuci mata wednesday post this week?

  3. Dear lojak,

    eh...i fwd u many post abt cuci mata wan.. y didnt u post in ur blog??

    erm....u say wan ar...ask u anything ar...


    can i ask u...

    1) how come ur balls made of steel?
    2) y ur voice sound like a frog??

    lol !!!

    thats all for now, i lafu u...
    hope to hear from ur leply...
    ten kiuuu..

    lafu from,

  4. Who shuld England FA choose to be England manager?

  5. What no comment? Ur wife pic post got 20 comment wan!
    Ok I ask question arrr. Can u tell me how to earn some money from blogging???
    How much u earn already arrr?
    Oh please post up cuci mata on westerday!
    Tq for ur advice & help!
    Have a nice day!

  6. 1.Where you get all the ideas to crap so funny 1?!

    2.Advertise my blog can ar?!all about poetry geh..not funny...ahaha..but very tragic!

  7. Anonymous5:04 pm

    why rojaks daily makin hari more advertisements ah? sooo annoying!!! ahhhhh..

    okei, so the questions:

    - no need post photo.. but what do you look like *honestly hokeyy*?

    - u think..if dun have good GPA..can get good job anot?

    - ever think of having monkeys in the house? :D

  8. when r u going to organise another gathering la?

  9. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Hi,'leng chai'! my fren from out ta space asking,
    y - ours english very difficult 2 understand..wor.

    Prof. from Havard University also dun understand..wor.

    Those 'mo kuai' also asking which university or college u coming from........ ???????

    By the way , those 'mo kuai' also asking r u g...y. bcoz ur wife look like m..n.!
    Selamat malam...lor.

  10. how to cheat linpeh's money?

  11. Anonymous11:31 pm

    aiks, no reply for the past 10 comments one? should i ask more question? then it will become 11, then you will have to crack your head to answer one more question...

  12. i ask you worh.

    why u so funni geh? lol.

  13. Anonymous1:27 am

    I have a question though.

    Been reading your blog over the past few months I've came to my realisation that you are actually a married man with kids. I'm surprised with "hahahaha" the profanity you use in your blog your wife did not whack chat kao kao you loh. I cannot imagine in the next couple of years your gin na come ask you "Pa, what does kaninbu mean?"

    That's about it. :)


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