31 December 2007

Happee Nu Yar

In less than 13 hours ... a new era will begin and I wish you all farkers a great year ahead!

Now ... celebration aside ... i got one very important things to teach all you hamsap farkers out there wan, so listen up!

Its crucial that you do this exactly as per the below instructions and the timing must be correct if not it wont work wan ok? By the way ... this applies only to those who got gf/bf/wife/hubby/mistress/fark-mate etc.... single one sindiri TFK la tonite!

Its lidis one ....

Tonite bring your partner go lohmantik dinner ... then lum her/him with plesens and fawers ... then bring her/him home and romance with her/him sommo.

Then from 11pm onwards you kena ikut timetable ledi ...

11:00pm - start beromen ... kasi her/him high high
11:30pm - At this point of time both of you should be bogel (naked) ledi .. if not then you can start tfk ledi!
11:40pm - Start foreplay .... dun care you use fingers ka ... tongue ka ... dildo ka ... durian ka ... janji can make each other stim can ledi la!
11:45pm - At this point of time your partner must either begin to run water (for female) or election ledi (for male) ... if not then u can start tfk also
11:50pm - You should start penetration at this point ... but if you are like Linpeh (Linpeh very fast cum wan! he masuk only 1 minit later he cum!) then you dont mausk 1st ok? wait till 11:59pm baru masuk if not your plan will rosak! In short ... you must hold your white ink till after 12:00am la!
12:00am and beyond - Suka hati lu mau cum ka ..... mau tembak ka ... suma boleh ledi!

Then after that tomolo morning you call all your buddy and come out blekfas and blow water ... then u tell them lidis :

You : I made love (farked) to my gf/bf/wife/husband continously for two years non stop!

They will sure dun briff you wan then you tell them ...

You : Yesday I farked him/her from 2007 untill 2008 la! 2 years what?

Niahma you all better wear german cap ah! if not this september sure got a sudden influx of babies being born wan! lol

Happy New Year Everibodi!!!

*P.S. Yea ... i m toking to with own sexperiences :P


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! Geng chao lar uncle wingz ur plan!!! anywayssss... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! eh fast fast go get a 2008 bb lar.. hehehehe...

  2. Uncle Wingz memang got the pahwer one! damn terrerrr... *kao tao*

    have a great nu yarrr!

  3. cibai la u... i dowan a rat baby. fucking hate ppl who born in rat years!

  4. swt..like that also can ah??i really salute u liao..lol..

    happy new year!!

  5. Happeee Nooooo Yeerrr....

    Next Year sure prosper wan!!!

  6. Shoot at the same time with the Fireworks!!! SUPERB!!! Yapie Noo Yeah!!!

  7. Happy New Year ............... Itu macam punya teori can work kah?

  8. HaPpy New Year my good bruderrrr !!

  9. Happy New Year to U... May U bring us more laughter and joy in 2008...:)

  10. That is my plan for tonight! Happy new year!

  11. i just love your ideas for the year end leh...

    woo hoo

  12. Hey you know what?? I made love (farked) to my gf/bf/wife/husband continously for two years non stop!

    Don't believe ah?? Check out rojaks.blogspot.com...I follow Wingz instruction to the dot


  13. San nin fai lork! (New Boobs Happy)

  14. KKL .. Happy New Year !!!

  15. Happy New Year 2008!

    More fortune will flow over to your pocket and bank accounts!

  16. :: I made love (farked) to my gf/bf/wife/husband continously for two years non stop!

    :: Yesday I farked him/her from 2007 untill 2008 la! 2 years what?

    OMFG u!!! i never know ur sexperience with MALE too!!


  17. i have this kind of idea when it's new years eve too...haha...never know u also like that ham sap..lolx


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