5 December 2007

My Wife's Photo

Last week got this Hot Chick ask me lidis ....

Hot Chick : You really married meh?
Me : Abuden? You never see i post pikture of my son meh?
Hot Chick : Cheh ... that kid could be your nephew also wat? You know u lar... always bruff peeple wan geh!
Me : Hes really my son leh! no bruff wan! You dun briff you ask belle la! She met my son before geh.
Hot Chick : Then how come you neber post photo of your wife wan?
Me : Wah lau eh .... this question really deep wor!

Yar I really neber post pikture of my wife in this blog .... mainly becoz my wife warned me during my early stage of blogging ... she told me lidis ...

Wife : If you dunwan die in your sleep then you make sure my face neber appear in that stupid blog of your ok?
Me : Want blekmel me lidat meh?
Wife : If u dun briff you can try and see la!
Me : =.=""

You see ... i dunwan die in my sleep ... thats why i dunwan try buden after nearly 3 yrs of blogging i think its about time ledi so ... i risked my life yesday nite ... gather all my courage and asked my Wife this ....

Me : I want put your pikture in my blog ... i m not asking for your permission ... i only informing you oni!
Wife : Put lor ....
Me : HAR??!!! put??! I thot kenot put?
Wife : Last time lu mia blog tarak ppl read ... now lu mia blog fehmes ledi ... all my fwens also got read ... you put ledi i also fehmes la! go ahead and put my pikture on your blog ok?
Me : Wuah ... mch women really can change their mind every second one hor?
Wife : Oi u dun tok so much! You wanna put anot now?
Me : OKOK!! I PUT!! I PUT!!!!

There ... I risked my life and i asked ledi ..... now i got the permission from my highness to post her pikture online ledi ...

This pikture is taken in China West Lake during our honeymoon there ....

Click on the above pikture to see her face la!


  1. Wei, today no cuci mata post kah?

  2. wah! it is confirmed now. longer you stay with another person, the more you look like them!

  3. ahem!!!! that photo looks veryyyy familiar...is it i post 2u wan???


    i want sue you!!!

    see u in court uncle lojaks!!

  4. alamak.. kena con !

  5. walao eh..
    i thought you will put ghost picture scare ppl

  6. wah..ur wife damn pretty wei..so hot..reminds me of the actor from stephen chow's movie..*god of gambler*...

  7. wah lan eh.... ur bei hou de nu ren damn chio lahz...

  8. MCH..... you got no other pic than that fellow kah? hahaha

  9. apa lahh u... d wife cum out liddat 1 geh... LOL... i think after u post dis, ur wife reli will kill u in ur sleep ahh... hahhahahz...

  10. wah lau... u scare the shit out of me haha... ur wife so 'bou tau fu' :P

  11. =_=

    I tot it would be like one of those images where u wait then scary stuff come out. xD

  12. wah lau wehhhhhhh =__________=

  13. Wah laueh!!!!!!!!Luckily I keep on looking at her 'nen nen'!!!!
    Have a nice day! How cum no more cuci mata???

  14. nabeh la u! potong stim kao kao

  15. clare : tarak ... my porn pusher kasi suma tarak baju mia ... ada baju mia tarak stock!

    jason : kakakaka niahma like husband like wife ma!

    boon yeow : agreeeddd!!! i m the living prove!!!

    funkster : farkiuuuu tranny!!!

    freethinker : kakaka mana got con lu!

    law : wuah why you say me lidat wan?!!! ghost pikture wait chingming only put la! kakaka

    sue me : my wife HAWT leh??!!! now you know why i mehlee her la?! kakaka

    wei : chio lehhhh??? wei lu mai jeles wokeh?

    erina : hahaha we got "foo chai siong" mah!!

    supergeNITALman : wah lan eh!! are you trying to say my wife not hot??!!! ARE YOU??!!! *sharpen knife*

    a-lena : :P

    acidlous : har? u sked of hot chicks one ka? lol!

    fahrie : u think hungry ghost pestibel mehhh?

    dlg : i no my wife more pretty .. u dunch jeles can? lol!!

    horny : supplier tarak kasi stock .. this week mia stock all no baju mia! kenot publish! lol

    naes : oi ... u mau stim u dun use my wife pikture la! lidat abit tarak ngam u no? lol

  16. wa lao eh.. za lan dou lor...
    i cant wait to see ur wife's pic but then when scroll to the pic...

  17. wtf!!!

    summore wann fark me?!?

    fark u back la!!!

    im a pure girl ok??
    with pure boobs and pure pussy!!

    not like urs!!


    OMG!! LOL!!!

  18. should have know u will fool on the pic...somehow..still naive to click on it..n contribute more money to ur pocket..with picpay..bad wing...


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