23 December 2007

Its Christmas! err ... not quite yet tho

Its that time of the year again and if you dint realise it yet ... yea, i been missing. Clear leave mah! year end kena forced to clear leave ler if not all leave will kena forfit wan ... and since this year i am darn blardee broke instead of heading to some other country we packed our bags and headed to somewhere cheap!

We took a bus to downtown and stayed at rumah tumpangan kiew kiew for 3 days 2 nights! locked ourselves in the room and watch tv till we pukes! All in all we only spent less then RM300!! hows that for vacation?!! lol

I was at my frend's house the other day and I noticed he got this xmas tree next to his altar ... WTF rite? hes obviously a buddhist and yet he got this leetle xmas tree in his house and it doesnt stop there. He asked me to help him wrap xmas gifts also! What will the god thinks ar? kanneh skali the god angwy ledi curse 9 him kaw kaw then he die! lol ....

He also asked me to help him wrap his xmas gift ... while wrapping I said this to him ....

Me : You briff in santa?
Him : Actually nope ...
Me : You joinED yehsow ledi ?
Him : Nope ...
Me : So all this is just for fun ar?
Him : err .. yep!
Me : Diu!! Lidis xmas time come your house also tarak turkey eat one la?
Him : Tarak ...
Me : Cilaka lu! I thot i finally got to eat turkey on xmas day.
Him : You tahpau come my house then we eat together la!
Me : You go let dog fark la lol!

Me : Eh .. ask u har ... if you dun briff in santa what the hell you doing this xmas gift wrapping thingy ar?
Him : Why you ask lidat?
Me : I mean ... if your kids briff in santa rite ... they will think all these gifts is from Santa one you know?
Him : So?
Me : So .. it will be just like at our workplace!
Him : Huh? how so?
Me : We do all the donkey work then the fat farker in the suit gets all the credits!
Him : Wuahahahhaa!!! MCH lu!!! Lidat also u can think wan!
Me : Abuden? You better tell you kids you are the suckers that bought all these gifts ... if not they will think the fat fler really send them xmas gifts then u rugi kasar!!
Him :

So listen up kids ... that big fat fler in the red bright suit is actually your oldman! So if your oldman weck 9 u alot this year ... its a good time to get even with him when hes in his santa suit ... weck 9 him then tell him you thot hes the robber robbing your house lol!

But if that fler is really THE Santa ... then dont tell him you know me wan ok?

Lemme take this chance to wish you all yehsou jais and yehsou luis .... Mehlee Kismes and Happe Nu Yar!

Dun mabuk and drive ok? Plektis Safe Sex ok? Alwaz wear german cap can?


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  2. LoL...
    santa santa..
    santa claus santa claus...
    satan satan...
    satan claws satan claws...

  3. Like that also can? Luckily I dun believe Santa. Anyway... Merry Xmas bro!

  4. Your house got turkey not ? (I mean other than you la...hahaha)

  5. Wah..u just crash my dreams..I believe in Santa one..I never knew my lou tau is the Santa..now i got chance to whack him kow kow..waakakaka..
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

  6. merry christmas and hahaha..the fat fler eh?

  7. Merry Christmas, Unker!

  8. hahahh


  9. have a fuckin merry christmas to u too dickhead!! =D


  10. lol. merry xmas sifuu!!

  11. Merry Christmas to u & ur family Taikor!

  12. Santa is about yule-joy. Not really something can only be done by christians. It's just happen that Xmas is in winter soltice.

    And there's a saying there are 3 stages of a man lives:
    1st - You believe in Santa Claus;
    2nd - You don't believe in Santa Claus;
    3rd - You became the Santa Claus.

    Your perceptions about Santa is really about which stage you are..


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