14 December 2007

Best Food for You and Your Best Frend!

We at Rojaks InstiTOOT of research kam out with the best food money can buy for you and your best frend!

You eat our food long long then slowly you both (you and your best frend) will looks alike wan!

We no bruff you der .... befoh we launch this ploduck we alredi test on a few victims volunteers and after a few months of consuming our new ploduck ... this is the results ... you take a look and tell us whether our ploduck werking anot la ok?

Janice and her best frend

Gracie and her best frend

Linpeh and his best frend

Dale and his best frend

Kimchi and her best frend

Cocka and his best frend

Nid we say more? Call the numba on your screen now to order! If you order now we will throw in some G tau Bones for you and your best frend to chew on!

Call us now!


  1. Aiyoh! U r now into dog food business?? I heard can earn big money wan! Have a nice day!

  2. what the!nice pictures.

  3. fuyoh..the best freinds very the alike wei..hope ur business goes well coz i wont langgan u..lol..

  4. oi. why u can do like that 1
    copyright u know....!!!

    u use my doggy and the doggy style.. later i sue u then u know

  5. wht the....y am i featured inside??
    kns la u!!

  6. diao.. u got no better picture liaoo issit ??


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