7 December 2007

Nah! Your Answer!

1.] Lisan a.k.a. Kimchi asked :

Question : What wud u say if your toudai come back permanent again?
Answer : You got left meh?? As long as you keep taking piktures in bikini i think everybodi welokam you bek one geh! kakakaka!!

2.] ellemkay asked :
Question : y no cuci mata wednesday post this week?
Answer : Ini suma my porn pusher mia fault! This week she pushed to me all XXX materials! All no wear clothes wan! Got show prebet part also! How to publish la? ... U wait next week la! I now looking for new supplier ledi!! I hope you wont bekam impotent just becoz of that ok? LOL!

3.] funkster asked :

Q1 : 1) how come ur balls made of steel?
Answer : You know why they put bells on cow anot? Its to track them! and also they will know when there is a cow nearby! Balls of steel make noises when i walk ... so peeple will know i m kambing!!! The faster i walk the louder it bekam ... it sound like thunder when i begin running! PAHWER ANOT?!!!

Q2 : y ur voice sound like a frog??
Answer : Got one proverb that says .... "Masuk kandang kambing mengembik, masuk kandang kerbau menguak" in short it means the ability to adjust and adapt la ... so naturally when i tok to a frog i hafta pretend to have a voice of a frog right anot??!! *p.s. I dunwan weck u one har .. but u made it so tempting ... if i dun weck i feel sorry for myself la!*

4.] mr.right asked :

Question : Who shuld England FA choose to be England manager?
Answer : Stephen Chow Seng Chee la! You got watch Shaolin sucker soccer anot wan??!!

5.] Hor ny Ang Moh asked :

Q1 : Can u tell me how to earn some money from blogging???
Answer : Earn some money thru blogging? I learnt from Make$ Money$ Blog wan!!

Q2 : How much u earn already arrr?
Answer : How much I earn ledi? You mean if I login to nuffnangs and click on the "earnings" link lidis .....


Then scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how much you earn lidis ?

Disclaimer : The above is not the screenshot of my nuffnang account ok?!! I curi from ader blogger wan!

Q3 : Oh please post up cuci mata on westerday!
Answer : Is this a question or not ar?

6.] Law asked :

Q1 : Where you get all the ideas to crap so funny 1?!
Answer : Most of the time these jokes were told to me by my imaginary frends, it happens when i sitting on the toilet bowl waiting for shit to come out that time then .... my imaginary frends will come out and tok to me wan... then they will tell me jokes and help me plan my punchline and all .... All that happening in the toilet! You wanna meet my imaginary frends anot? They told me just now that they wanna meet u leh!

Q2 : Advertise my blog can ar?!all about poetry geh..not funny...ahaha..but very tragic!
Answer : Actually I am suppose to link you nick to your blog wan ... but it seems that your blog is sesatED and your nick does not provides any kinda link to your blog ... so i also derno what you want lol! Maybe you should meet my imaginary frends ler ..... they will help you wan!!

7.] girlgirlgirl asked :

Q1 : no need post photo.. but what do you look like *honestly hokeyy*?
Answer : I looked like a man! a hansem man! err .... does that answer your question? if not then you should go and search for the previous nuffnang blogger of the month la, then you can see my fugly face there! But dun say I no warn you wokeh? there is a reason why i dun post my own pikture in my blog one! .... the last time i try to "kuci-kuci-koo" a cute baby ... i was severely beaten by his mum bcoz she thot i m a bulldog! ... sigh*

Q2 : u think..if dun have good GPA ... can get good job anot?
Answer : Lemme tell you something you wont learn in skool la ... when u kam out to work it doesnt matter what what GPA you got .... the only thing that differentiate a manager and a clerk is how good is your shoe polishing kungfu is! If your boss happy with your shoe polishing kungfu ... he/she will hire lotsa ppl to do your donkey work for you wan!

Q3 : ever think of having monkeys in the house?
Answer : Now that you asked .... when you wanna move into my houz?

8.] Zewt asked :

Question : when r u going to organise another gathering la?
Answer : Been thinking about it .... If got enuff peeple willing to help why not? but 1st of all .... You gonna help out anot?

9.] snowlygirl asked :

Q1 : y - ours english very difficult 2 understand
Answer : bcoz I not toking english la! I m toking manglish! U using the different DICKtionary!

Q2 : Those 'mo kuai' also asking which university or college u coming from........ ???????
Answer : I grad from Fukkien University China, in short its called Fuk U!

Q3 : By the way , those 'mo kuai' also asking r u g...y. bcoz ur wife look like m..n.!
Answer : My w..fe l..oks l..ke a m..n bec..z I l..oks li..e a w..m..n!!! Y..u ev..r met a m..n th..t l..oks l..ke a w..m..n a..ot?

10.] Sengkor asked :

Question : how to cheat linpeh's money?
Answer : This one easy la! You take his pikture then you threaten him to put it online! he will try to bribe his way out wan! ... btw you dont threaten him first ok? he still havent finish paying me yet! Next month baru your turn la!

11.] C2 asked :

Question : no reply for the past 10 comments one? should i ask more question? then it will become 11, then you will have to crack your head to answer one more question...
Answer : Can ask something deeper? You goto which kindy wan? LOL!

12.] a-lena asked :

Question : i ask you worh ...why u so funni geh?
Answer : If you got watch The Matrix you sure can remember the scene where the fler hafta choose between the red pill and the blue pill one ... remember? Well I chosen the red pill and thereafter I m lidis ledi!!! ARGHH!!! I should have taken the blue one!!! ARGHHH!!!!

13.] jyushiang asked :

Question : Been reading your blog over the past few months I've came to my realisation that you are actually a married man with kids. I'm surprised with "hahahaha" the profanity you use in your blog your wife did not whack chat kao kao you loh. I cannot imagine in the next couple of years your gin na come ask you "Pa, what does kaninbu mean?"
Answer : Actually there is 2 ways of looking at it ...
  1. This is a joke blog and i m not a moral teacher. This might be my alter ego blogging and maybe in real life i m not lidat at all? that ever crossed your mind b4? :)
  2. I m almost certain that even if my kid dont learn the meaning of kanibu from me he/she will certainly/definitely learn it from someone/somewhere else, I rather it be me than the other. Knowing is one thing and using it is another, it all comes to who you choose to be at the end of the day. I m sure you know how to use the knife right? but have you kill anyone yet? :P

And I thot this is gonna be easier than my regular post! ... man i m so wrong! Lets not do this again anytime soon ok? :)


  1. from now till mid jan... i will be busy with wedding planning. 1 week after that i will be flying off to london for 2 months.

    thereafter should be ok.

  2. Excuse me my lord, what have thee done to urself to answer all these UNIQUE questions?

    i do know that ur balls are made of steel which doesnt come out any power. So, y torture thou to talk shit abt it?

    Do remember the wise word that says :

    Ask thou, and thee shall be given.

    Peace be with u all...especially to uncle rojaks!

    p/s: i know...i know..u will be wondering y m i talking with jibberish words....thx to DELL that gave me crazy jobs to do until i go hair wire...

  3. dai lou!
    now can advertise my blog liao...
    not sesatED anymore!!

  4. Wah! U really answer all ur comment question!! He! He! Have a nice Sunday!

  5. ohh...like this.

    if you didn't shit that day then no jokes come out?

  6. lol. wohkay! you buy me camera to camho with bikini pictures okay?
    owh. and buy me the bikinis also. LOL.

  7. Eh... why I dun have question geh?

  8. OII. y didn't blog today? you said rojaks daily. not daily aso. cos ure not blogging everyday =.=

  9. Why your cuci mata all also japanese 1? From Lancer

  10. huah uncle rojaks really geng chao!!! really go and answer all da questions!! GENG CHAOOOOO!!!!

  11. hahaha hilarious! 2 thumbs up

  12. so free to answer questions?

    And walau.. how come I earn RM1 nia you earn 4 figures in Nuffnang? You sleep with the boss ah?


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