13 December 2007

How you know shes still Virgin?

I was toking to this Ahlian from Penang about how she kena torture kaw kaw by her boss ....

Ahlian : I kenot tahan her ledi .... shes binthai one i tell u!
Me : How binthai?
Ahlian : Vehlee binthai! She dem krepot ledi sommo notchet married and no boipren either!
Me : No wonder la!!! Kesian her la no boipren .... you should make piss peace with her and buy her a dildo ... black kaler nigger dildo of XXXL size then you will see her smile smile kam to work everyday!
Ahlian : I rather die than to gibe her present! Eh.... I also got heard rumors that my boss is still virgin you know?
Me : Eh ... by any chance your boss is jabpenis?
Ahlian : Aiks!! How you know wan??!!!
Me : OH!!! I know your boss wan!
Ahlian : Jiak sai lar lu! Dun bruff siu muimui can?
Me : I no bruff siu muimui wan .... if i can tell you her name will you briff me?
Ahlian : If you can say her name out then I briff you la!
Me : Her name is Takashi Masoku
Ahlian : WHAT?!!! You really know my boss??!!!
Me : HAHAHAHA no lar ... i dunno her wan but ...
Ahlian : But what?
Me : But all virgin old aunty also use the same name wan la!
Ahlian : Har? What you mean?
Me : its lidis one .... if you translate Takashi Masoku into malay it will sound like "TAK KASI MASUK" thats why they still virgin la!!!
Ahlian : MCH!! $%^&*!@!!! YOU BRUFF ME!!!

*From Manglish DICKtionary :-

Takashi Masoku - noun [pronounciation - tak kasi masuk] - Suspected still virgin mia binthai ladyboss that lafu to torture subordinates wan, any nationality will do ... not necesarily jabpenis!

i.e.: My boss is confirm Takashi Masoku la! I check her personal file ledi ... really wan!!

Any of you have Takashi Masoku as boss also? Buy her a dildo la! You sure can get plomotion wan!

Now tell me that my jokes is very funny and make me kembang can?? Ok i bek to work ledi .... u all go jiak sai la!


  1. Hahaha... heard this Tak Kasi Masuk b4.

  2. oi uncle!!! this AH LIAN & ME STORY VERY VERY FAMILIAR!!!

    u farkiuuu laa.....sell my sad incident in ur blog....kns wan u...but very farni la the way u put it...hahaha! and no, of course i wont give her a black dildo!! red wan can??? =D

    yeah baby! whos talking now huh!! =p

  3. Haha.....maybe should be takashi mosako = tak kasi masuk ku??

  4. eh not bad oh. But isn't takashi a name for male? oh tat's takeshi... oh wait, it's a name or a surname? that was a "fictional character" right? If really got ppl named after that, that'd be a big tragedy lo lol.

  5. I don't buy the troy for her! I will let her use my 'troy' Then I will ask for salary increment!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Phew! For once I thought you are talking about my ex-boss.. after I fired her, I really really taught buying her a dildo wan, to kesian her mah, but later after I taught about it, I wanted her to die as a virgin! Lagi cham.. hahaha..


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