23 June 2005

Winner of the PPS BASH AWARDS!!!

Its official now! I present to you the Winner of the PPS BASH BLOG AWARDS!!!!

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Blog of The Year Award goes to KENNYSIA !!!!

Neophyte Blog Of The Year goes to SIMON !!!

Ping Of The Year goes to Jeffooi!!!

My Heartiest Congratulation to all Winners!

Many Thanks to YP for the sms updates she sent me.


  1. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Tumpang congratulations boleh?


    congrats dudes.

  2. Congrats to Kenny!
    Congrats to Simon!
    Congrats to Jeff!

    Kenny, your coconuts can upgrade to durian already!!

  3. OH SHIT. Late by one step. i thought I can be the first to post it. In fact I can wan, but just now stomach pain, go pangsai for a while, so, late already.

  4. wah.. so fast 1 u.. ka chiu banyak kin ler.. hehe!!

    i oso wanna tumpang congratulations..
    ~congratulations guys!!~

  5. And the winner is....
    for the ass-licking
    being the first one
    to PING.

  6. Jx : Bleh kite brader mah!

    Jason : durians LOL!

    mrkiasi : aiyaks soli ler brader, i got the news same time as Jx, tapi soli bcoz terambik your 1st spot :P

    crazygirl : of coz ler .. i got pasang antenna long long to receive news one :)

    5xmom : I WON I WON !!!

  7. nick : of coz ler ... we all erly erly siap type ledi waiting for the results to put in name only lol!

    simon : Congrats wei!!! blanja yum char!!!

  8. What a Great Fun u Having there. Wish I was there. Cheers.

  9. kenny looks exactly like the greg from meet the fockers in that poster la *LOL*


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