14 June 2005

Goods sold are not Returnable ?? Know your Rights!

After a while i know you will get sick with all my jokes, therefore today i wanna write about something more to the serious side of me. I wanna talk about :

Legal Issue on Contract Law in Malaysia

This is something I like to share with you from one of my seminar recently. It was conducted by A/P Catherine Tay on Legal issues in Ecommerce.

Notice that most of the time, the receipt/invoice you received from the merchant / hypermarket carries this exclusion clause or similarly worded statement: "Goods sold are not returnable" or "No refund once sold"

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The thing that I have learnt from her is that : "As long as your good is purchased for personal / home use and not for business (ie. to be resold), the above exclusion clause is VOID. That means, as long as the good is defective, regardless of what is worded, you CAN get back all your money spent. You do not have to accept a repair on the good or an exchange. You CAN ask for a refund. AND its LEGALLY right and entitled to! What a relevation!! And most of the time the merchant will refuse to return you your money.

Her advice?

From her own experience (and no less than 7 and all successful!), she will threaten the merchant with four words: "SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE IN COURT!" hahaha ok ok i made that up! thats six (6) words!

The court here refers to the Small Claims Tribunal Court.
However, you don't have to tell them what court! All you have to pay is $10 admin fee and the loser (the merchant) will have to refund you the money PLUS the admin fee! She shared this with us because she felt that even educated people are cowed by such unfair wordings (which include her jaded friends who are not lawyers).

Pls try not to let the merchant fleece you the next time you have a defective good. And, I know where to file this. On the 16th floor of Putra Place (The Mall opposite Putra World Trade Centre). The form cost RM5.00. The Tribunal will settle within 2 months periods.

Now, since you know how to sue someone for RM5.00 ledi .... please dont use this method to sue me lerrrr !!! LMAO!!


  1. Wah, lucky you put the last line or else I wanted to ask liao. If not satisfy with rojak's offerings can sue onot?

  2. Anonymous1:11 am

    hohoho eh this one true right? heheh Cool.

  3. woahh.. tq belader for d info


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