6 June 2005

Which is your Favourite Angel ?

A Note Before Hand : First of all i would like to strongly stress that this is not a religion related kinda post, It has nuthin to do with whether you are christian, buddhist, muslim, sikh or jews.

Im not a christian but nevertheless i do belif in angel(s). There are many types of angels mostly related to one's belif's and below here are some photos that would vaguely describe the looks of a few types of angels that one would come across. Pay attention to the last picture, hes my guardian angel :)

Type 1 : Lenglui Angel - Favored by lotsa Mahlartlows

Type 2: Lengjai Muscular Angle - favored by lotsa ahlians, SYTs and SPGs

Type 3 : Sexy Lui Angel - A favourite among Hamsups Lows and perverts

Type 4: Dark Lengjai Angel - Loves by Nahpets, Gaylows and Shemales

Type 5 : Cute BB Angel - A must have amongs mums

Type 6 : HUMBLE ANGEL / MY KINDA ANGEL! (notice the hidden wingz behind him? :P)


  1. hohoohoho Great Angel powered by Wingz.

  2. I like Type 3 angel *slurrppss*


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