27 June 2005

3 Days and Counting ......

Today is the 3rd day, my fever just wont go away no matter what i done. Been to our family Doc at around 8:30 pm and were told to do a blood test and the fever still did not subside by tomlo I M DOOMED~!!!!! they gonna admit me and put me on drips !!!! ARGHHH!!!!

The plaster they put on my hand after they suck my blood out with a needle.

If you guys notice, on the left hand panel of myblog, i'd put some advertisement which initially were setup becuase i thot i wanna use the fund generated by the advertisements to buy my own domain but i think now i need my to use it to cover my own medical expenses more. .... I think blood transfusion is very costly .... *sigh*


  1. Ah Wings suk suk, take care and hope u recover asap. Will click on it. ;)

  2. Anonymous11:37 pm

    don't die ah. :)

  3. wah ah wing KOR KOR!!! *i'm so gud, call u kor kor..not like jason who call u suk suk...later must chia me eat big big d!! mauahahha*

    get well soon la..faster get well...repair that fever and hand of urs...earn more money and spend me gud food!! muahahahhaha

  4. Tu la wingz, old liao dun go khau lengluis like lobak. See? Now temperature shoots up, cannot come down. Nose bleed also cannot stop.

    Anyway...you take care ya. Hope you get well soon. If not I boil thong sui/liong cha for you ok?

  5. aww.. poor lil uncle.. hope u get well soon n take care :)

  6. Oii!! U gonna die ah!!?? Dont die on us man! Still wanna c more of Bush speaking hakka.

    Tat's y la, dont go kao jai!!
    Take care man. Get well.

  7. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Get well soon wor..grandpa wingz..
    If u r not around...who's gonna give us nice story to read! Please find replacement if u decide to leave us 4eva~

  8. Hey... hope you're feeling better. Is it confirmed dengue ... ? I'd be glad to drop a pine off if ya need donors :)

  9. Anonymous4:26 pm

    wahlau so big still look for sympathy??? shame or not???

  10. Is the ANONYMOUS tat left a comment herre same with the ONE in DC's blog?

    Big Question mark.

  11. jason : tenkiu !!! dokter said not denggi yet ... still alive

    hokkienlang : wont lar ... i will try and outlive lu lol!

    Lobak : sigh ... pasal lu lah ... i pagi pikir malam pikir till demam ledi .... rindu sial~

    5xmom : no choice ler kena keep up to date mah so kena have young gfs larrr Thanks anyway, its not denggi.

    crazygirl : I not nid admit hospital la !!! YESH!!!

    dizzyguy : i will try n outlive lu too!!! lol!

    anon : tenkiu ... i decided to stay on till god tell me aderwise ler :P

    Juan : I LOBE YOU !!! you are the only one to offer to donate blood!!! *MUACKSSSS*

    noeyesee : Hor leen ngo lei kor hak yee jai arrrhhhh!!!!! ......

    sotong : i thot that anon is you ???!!! NO ?

  12. hahahaha....
    me to leave comment like tat?
    u must be kidding....

  13. Wah...wingz, you femes liao. Got people name anon ka-ka-cao-cao.

  14. glad to hear that u r getting better..

    yeahlor.. femes liao.. somemore more n more plates of rojak liao leh.. *wink*

  15. Hell awaits you...packed up and lets go!

  16. waaaaaaa blame me pulak~ *mati*

  17. not denggi? good. more rojaks from you. get well soon ;)


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