23 June 2005

Anita WHAT ??? Anita Kwok !!

A little background before i go any further. Terry Broadhead is my business partner in Australia, he was here (in Malaysia) mid May looking for some new products.

Hes the kinda guy who sticks on to his own kind back in Australia and Im the only chinese friend he got so far, and he do not like chinese food either!

We arrived at Batu Pahat at around noon and upon our arrival we are greeted by Mr Lam, and so we went thru the usual boring stuffs, drive around the huge factory in a golf cart looking the manufacturing processes.

The tour lasted about an hour and we were invited to the meeting room on the second floor. As we walked into the stairscase leading to the meeting room there is this huge sign "PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES" and since Terry arent used to our customs, he told me he wanna take a leak while he still have his shoes on bcoz he dont wanna use the toilet upstairs bare footed. I did not stop him for i do not wanna explain to him why they want us to take off our shoes in front of Mr.Lam.

"You guys go ahead, I'll catch up when im done" says Terry. So, me and Mr.Lam proceed to the 2nd floor and there is where i was introduced to Ms.Anita Kwok (a very pretty lady) shes the head of the export department. While waiting for Terry, Mr.Lam takes this time to show me some of the new products developed by them, which is just next to the meeting room. Ms. Anita did not come with us prolly shes waiting for Terry.

At that time Me and Lam were too busy talking to ourself cracking jokes and out of a sudden Terry walks in from behind, and this conversation takes place :

Terry : Hey! there you are.
Me : What took you so long? come here lemme introduce you to the lady next door
Terry : I already met her
Me : You did ?
Terry : Yea, i think Asian lady is HOT! she got a thing for me!
Me : What kinda crap ya talking about ?
Terry : Im serious! she was very straight forward.
Me : WTF ???
Terry : She walked right up to me, offered me a handshake and said "Hi! I need a cock, nice to meet you.
Me : WHA... ???!!!
Terry : Yea you heard me right! i couldnt believe it at first, i asked her again "I need a what ?" she told me "COCK!"
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Anita Kwok, Nice to meet you! :)

Me : OMFG!!! you are fucking crazy! thats her name ANITA and KWOK is her surname you pervert!
Terry : OMFG!!! how am i suppose to know ??!!! you chinese do have weird names!!!
Me : Yea tell me bout it Mr.Broadhead!

At the end of the day we got ourself a good luff out of this whole thing, luckily Terry didnt get slap by Anita LOL!

Moral of the story : If your surname is Kwok and you are a girl, please dont call yourself ANITA ok ? those qweilos dont understen wan !!!!


  1. Ivan Kwok? = I want cock ?
    Woahhhh... so those cock oppss! Those Kowks out there with name 'Ivan'. Beware! Surprises awaiting :D

  2. ROTFLOL!! so damn bloody funny!! u said anita is a pretty girl.. how come the girl in that pic not pretty 1?! kekekee!!

    btw, my url.. www.shookoon.blogspot.com.. lotsa rubbish 1.. paiseh..

  3. hahahahah.....yeah, anita,

    like a friend of mine, his name is micheal wong, only us chinese will understand he is a king of selling chicken

  4. LOL!!
    So did she get what she wants? hehehe...

  5. Anonymous6:05 pm

    means this anita kwok is in batu pahat la? tell me where ler. i go find. keke


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