19 June 2005


About 2 months ago, while we are doing some groceries shopping at Jusco, I was approached by one of the salesperson whois doing a survey for Durex (yea the condom company). I was told that i would get a pack of 6s condom free if i were to participate in this survey, i looked around and saw Mrs.Wingz were busy trying out some new shoes, i guessed why not since i got nothing better to do right ?

So they asked me some questions which i cant really rememeber what anymore and we hafta fill in a form giving them our particulars before they would hand me the pack of free condoms. I purposely did not wanna fill in my cellphone number in the form bcoz i dont want them to call me at work especially when im in a meeting to listen to someone telling me some condom stories!

I handed in the form without my cellphone number but the girl told me that i am required to fill in that particular detail if i would wanna get my CONDOMS!!!

ok since i really wanted those free condoms i hafta give in. I put down my cellphone numbers and when Im done i hand over the form to them again and in exchange the girl gave me of a box of 6s' Durex. I got this.

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Tropical Flavor!!! Kinky !!!

I do remember this, there is a section in the questionaire that you are required to pick the brand of condom you usually use.The choices are Durex, Playboy, Pleasure plus and a few aders brand which i dont remember at all.

So, that was 2 months ago ... this morning I received a SMS message at 12pm. That bloody sms wokes me up!!! its fathers day and i am suppose to be sleeping till 7pm darnit !!!!

So i get out of bed to look at who da fark would dare to wake me up at time lidis .... this is what i read :

A Father's Day message brought to you by the award winning condom in USA - DUREX! :

To all those who used or uses our competitor's products all these while, HAPPY FATHER's DAY !!!! "

I was laughing so hard Mrs. Wingz rushed into the room thot i got stroke or something, I show her the sms and got scolded by her ... *ish!* its father's day ok ? you are not suppose to scold me !!! :P

To my dad, Mr. Belacan, RG, PAPI, others bloggers who also happened to be a dad, and to all the fathers in the world ... Happy Father's Day may god bless us all with great and healthy children :)


  1. LOL... NOw that is one creative way of advertising. :P

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    hohohho so great. Could have been the most creative father's day message. :p

    Happy father's day Wingz.

  3. Happy Father's Day to you la. And don't use that so that you have many mini rojaks to wish you next year and years to come.

  4. Anonymous5:41 pm


  5. woahh, already use all ah???

  6. kekkekee!! very special punya father's day's wish huh?!

    btw, happy father's day!! :)

  7. Anonymous9:38 am

    hahaha... well, if you have mms colour handphone, i think you can send this too.

  8. Happy belated father's day to you too.

    So, are u writing a review of the condom?? Nice ah? :)

  9. jason : i think so too!! its just freaking funny!

    surfnux : Hell yea!! too bad they thot of it 1st!

    5xmom : i all da while no use one ... i collect condom for resale in pasar malam LOL!!!

    Jxt2J : hahaha eh at least this time u get the punchline worr!!!

    Dizzy : no use no use, but sold ledi!

    Crazygirl : wei you still havent gimme the url to your blog leh :P gimme ler~~~

    Samson : wuah u got the original one! I only got SMS!!!

    dsaint : taikor welkam and tenkiu for your wishes

    Hey Papi! haha no condom review ler ... unless some company willing to pay me to do dat *ahem ahem* hehe .. hows your lil one ?

  10. How come they have a picture of strawberries on the box when it says "tropical"? Durian flavour baru syiok lah.


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