20 June 2005

Down with Toothache!!!

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I cant blog, my farking toothache is killing me !!! gonna be missing for a few days *BUMMER!*


  1. For an instant relief, sharpen a tooh prick, tipped it with any toothpaste and plugged it into that decaying hole.

  2. multimid : thanks will try that, that would be lotsa toothpaste tho

  3. Get well soon man.

  4. Anonymous2:31 am

    Ooh.. .that's a damn gross pic! but get well soon! i just extracted my wisdom tooth last week, also due to decay. it's a damn strange feeling to have this hole in my gums!

  5. Anonymous6:59 am

    the red stain isn't due to decay. but honestly, that's an amazing picture. hardly we can even get that quality of pics for dentistry! but if u want relieve, cloves oil can sometimes help. sometimes we use that for patients who have problems after extractions. my suggestion is that u see a dentist, asap. seeing the pic there, i think the best he/she can do is to put in a filling. and please don't ask for white fillings on that tooth. you are doomed for disaster with that.

  6. Anonymous9:40 am

    What does toothache has to do with the blogging?
    Not as u going for a french. :D

  7. oii!! u use false teeth wat.

  8. surfnux : thanks bro!

    SPG : thats just one of em! i got 3,475 more holes to be patchED!! OUCH!

    Sabrina Tan : hey! a dentist! my dentist gonna charge me 2k for a small operation to remove my wisedom tooth... maybe you can do it cheaper ? *wink* 2k is overkill ler ... *sigh*

    frostier : nx time u got a toothache, try n blog den u lemme know how u feel ok > :P

    dizzy : ah lau eh i got denture also u know !!! stop camping in front of my house !!! LOL

    I found the best short term remedy for toothache - Listerine!!! soak the cavity for at least 5 minutes and it will goes numb but beware if you ter-soaked your tongue too, you wont taste a shit for weeks! all the tastebud would be dead hehe


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