29 June 2005

Single Black Female seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant.

True Ad in Melbourne Paper

The following advertisement in the Melbourne Age is reported to have received numerous calls:

Single Black Female seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant.

I am a very good-looking girl who loves to play. I love long walks in the bush, riding in your ute, hunting, camping, and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. Rub me the right way and watch me respond. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Kiss me and I'm yours.

Call xxxxx-xxxx and ask for Daisy.

Over 5,000 men found themselves talking to the RSPCA about an eight week-old black Labrador Retriever puppy........

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  1. LOL...very creative copywriting.

  2. Wei your blog takes a loooong time to load leh. Very gwei fan to wait.

  3. Hmm....now ur attracted to black bitch?

    (tis is how i left my comment...i do not claim something which does not belongs to me)

  4. Anonymous1:23 am

    hhahaahaha..the person who created the joke and carried it out is too free.

  5. Anonymous2:29 am

    5xmom is right... most of the time it kena sekat in the middle of loading after trying for 10 minutes. Then I have to refresh. Still on dial-up :)

  6. Darn slow loading ur page. Go wee wee & come back only can c. But wat 2 do? I like reading ur post :D

  7. twinsmom : hehe yea i think so too

    5xmom : i think bcoz of the Video guah, i hide the video liow now shud be back to normal ?

    sotong : not now lar all da while i m in love with black bitch one :)

    Jayelle : since u also too free lately maybe u can try n out the same advertisement on the newspaper.

    irene : aiyaks ... manyak da soli ler ... now shud be ok jor :)

    dizzyguy : you sure u go wee wee or u go TFK ?? lol

  8. So am i...but i do not keep one myself cos it attracts too much attention.

  9. Anonymous5:34 pm

    funny shit man. rotflol.

  10. ha, now thats creative marketing, but really is restricting your marketing to males only.. probably the better angle would have been looking for a woman to play with the black bitch.


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