5 June 2005

Another Radio Contest Went Wrong

Below conversation really happened on S'pore radio some time ago. I think some of U had heard it on the lehlio too.

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DJ : Good morning. This is Power 98 & do you want to play a game.
Contestant : Yeah, why not.
DJ : Good. It is a simple game. When I say something you have to give an answer that is opposite to what I have said. For eg. when I say Sharp, you have to answer Blunt. OK?

Contestant : OK.
DJ : Sun
Contestant : Moon.
DJ : Black
Contestant : White.
DJ : Tall
Contestant : Short.
DJ : Dog
Contestant : Cat.
DJ : Man
Contestant : Woman
DJ : Cock
Contestant : CHIBAI !!!

*********RADIO SILENCE !!!!!! *********

DJ : These things sometimes happen and we are on live. Let's take a commercial break here


  1. What else can I say beside HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ? LOL

  2. The contestant must've been under a lot of stress..

  3. lol... too kan cheong laaa i guess, b'coz they have to answer the ques at d speed of light.


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