26 August 2007

The best MSN message I received so far .....

Was having a orgy MSN session with a few bloggers just to keep myself occupied so that I wont think of stupid stuffs then somewhere during the chat my ladyboss came out with the most interesting message i ever read this year!!

This is what she said :

ladyboss@hotmail.com says (12:04):
k la.. u guys compare the length of your dick and pussy la.. i wanna go have phone sex with an indon now.
I tell lu ... this could anytime qualify as the best Msn line of the year 2007!!! Do you have any interesting MSN moment to share?


  1. Now I know ladyboss plays with indon only... I laugh till blood come out la this one! Damn classic man!

  2. hahha..seriously it's classic man...phone sex with indon....

  3. Length of pussy... ?? @_@

  4. fuckers...

    wings.. U WAIT...


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